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New Revised Advanced 1 Modern

New Revised Advanced 1 Modern

17 June 2013

Teachers please note the following

The new revised Advanced 1 Modern will not become compulsory throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide until January 2015. 

The following criteria for the new revised Advanced 1 Modern exam came into force on 1st May 2013:

  • the Contraction and Abdominal Exercise will be seen on one side only and will be the teacher’s choice;
  • the Falls will  also be the teacher’s choice of one side only;
  • the Walks sequence will only be seen in the original staging of the choreography and no longer seen in canon effect (please note the candidates will be expected to show on both sides without a break and not using canon effect) and not as printed in the syllabus notes;
  • teacher’s choice of two out of the three performance sequences;
  • teacher’s choice of one of the amalgamations only;
  • solo dance arrangement should be of length minimum 1.30 minutes and maximum 2 minutes;
  • wherever possible, could candidates please be prepared to ‘follow on’ from each other in exercises they perform solo (excluding amalgamation).

All the remaining exercises will be seen as stated in the syllabus notes.

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