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Phyllis Miles

Phyllis Miles

22 March 2013

20th July 1936 – 18th January 2013

Many of you will be aware of the passing of Phyllis Miles, the mother of Nicky Miles. A stalwart of the ISTD competitions nationally and Grand Finals, she was a demanding organiser who kept much of the proceedings in order. Through thorough and attentive preparation, Phyllis was relied on to produce much of the preparatory work needed for the running of the ISTD events.

Busily involved with and known to many teachers of the Society, she was a candid character who suffered no fools and kept everyone in line as far as their entries were concerned for all the events. In fact, much of this toil kept her occupied while she was being treated for her illness.

Last seen at Blackpool Grand Finals, many competitors will have known and seen her selling the programmes, generally overseeing behind the scenes and offering help to those who needed. Many people have their own memories of her and so many came to pay their last respects to Phyllis on 13th February at Bobbing Crematorium.

More than 300 people waited in respectful anticipation, in freezing conditions, yet the sun managed to shine briefly as the coffin arrived in splendid floral decoration, evoking thoughts of Phyllis’ love of flowers. Charming consideration had been taken to provide the beautiful service and one of the tunes, English Country Garden, announcing her arrival, gave us insight to her main passion, gardening. It was a fitting tribute musically, as was the eulogy read by Len Goodman. His comedic style added a breath of happiness in the celebration of Phyllis’ life and it allowed Nicky and his brother Kevin to smile during this wonderful, yet very sad service for their much beloved mother.

As Phyllis would always say, “See ya when I see ya”, and no doubt we all say the same in our fond memories. Rest in peace.

Mark Willemite

Thank you to all those who sent cards and attended the funeral, and to those that have helped me so much over the last few weeks, especially Mark, Fiona, Sue and Len.

Nicky Miles

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