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Ruby Ginner Awards 2011

Ruby Ginner Awards 2011

26 March 2012

Karen Collings reports on this successful showcase of Classical Greek Dance

The Ruby Ginner Awards were held on Sunday 20th November at Michael Hall Theatre, East Sussex. It was a real pleasure to be invited to adjudicate the Ruby Ginner Awards, the care taken in technique and musicality, coupled with such enthusiasm from each and every performer made the day most enjoyable.

‚ÄúCongratulations to every performer and especially to the trophy winners‚ÄĚ

Conventional adjudicating never allows us to see the children in a classwork situation, and this is what makes the Ruby Ginner Competition so special.

The many facets of Classical Greek dance always encourages the dancers to expand their horizons, both artistically and technically even from a young age. This was helped along in each class by some inspiring and expert teaching from Carol Vasko, Lucy Pohl, Charlotte Morrell and Sally Brenner. The children and students were allowed to show off their technical steps at various levels without worry or strain, however musicality, creativity and their performance skills were being tested too. The standard was excellent throughout the day, with no weak links, each and every child showing their love of Greek dance. The climax of the day is always the premier section, and this was as exhilarating as ever, from strength and power to emotion and sensitivity, this class had it all. Congratulations to every performer and especially to the trophy winners.

Ruby Ginner classes in progress

The day would not be complete without our two wonderful pianists, creatively composing (on the spot) and matching the mood and style of each exercise and allowing the dancers particularly in the older sections to enhance the beauty and sincerity of the music. Thank you to Pat Linehan and John Hoskins. Thank you also to my co-adjudicator, Penny Childs, who chose the special awards.

Class in action at Ruby Ginner Ruby Ginner Class in action











The time and effort put into the organisation of this event was appreciated by all, a huge thank you to Kay Ball, Carol Vasko and their team of helpers.

Karen Collings


Ruby Ginner 2011 Cup/Trophy Winners

Class A, Class Award 
The Sonia Bond Shield
Imogen Burn (Kilburn)

Freya Bryant (Roshe)

Cynthia Carr Trophy
Amelia Hudson (Avril Earl) 

Class B, Class Award 
Buckhurst Hill/Woodford Trophy: Tallulah Treadaway (Roshe)
Victoria Reeves (Avril Earl)

Kay Ball Trophy
Lucy Billingham (West Roshe) 

Class C, Class Award 
Rachel Robinson Shield
Aliese Box (Bastet)

Emily Pohl (Buckhurst) 

Barbara Coates Trophy
Lauran Taylor-Griffin (Buckhurst)

Class D, Class Award 
Rita Brown Shield
Dora Atkinson (Bastet)

Ella Beardsley (Kilburn) 

Buckhurst/Woodford Trophy: Georgette Fletcher (Avril Earl)

Class E, Class Award 
Henrietta Fairhead Trophy
Phoebe Woolley (Redhurst) 

Richard Muncey Award
Maya Holmes (Avril Earl)

Class F, Class Award 
Rona Hart Cup
Lucy Renouf (Roshe)

Mollie McGrath (Mayhew) 

Karen Collings Award: Maisey Hodges (Mayhew) 

Class G, Class Award 
Doris McBride Trophy
Charlotte Dunn (Roshe)

Genevieve Cutcliffe (Roshe) 

Roz Jennings Trophy: Briony Scarlett (Redhurst) 

Special Awards
Kay Ball Shield
Mollie MacGrath (Mayhew)

Tanya Allen Trophy
Emily Pohl (Buckhurst)

Kay Ball Shield
Sophie Karaolis (Roshe)

Tanya Allen Trophy
Carina Howard (Roshe)

Boys Trophy
not awarded

Prof Cawadias Shield
Lewis Starr (Kilburn)

Biddy Pinchard Cup
Grace Stroud (Redhurst)

Christine Orange Cup
Kathleen Brenner 
(Sue Merrett School)

Abbey Life Cup
Mayhew School

Daphne Hawkesworth Cup
Penny Childs

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