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Latin American Syllabus Update

Latin American Syllabus Update

28 February 2014

An important update to the compulsory syllabus requirements in Latin American examinations above the Gold Medal

A few years have passed since we brought in the compulsory syllabus element for above the Gold Medal. In reviewing this, the Latin American Faculty Committee has decided that from the 1st June 2014, candidates must dance a minimum of two syllabus figures in each dance from the list below. This is to be for Gold Stars 1, 2 and 3. One figure to be within the first 30 seconds of the routine and the second figure could follow from this or be danced a little later, ensuring both figures are danced within the time allowance for the examination.



  • Sliding Doors
  • Three Threes
  • Three Alemanas
  • Continuous Hip Twists
  • Circular Hip Twist



  • An amalgamation of Criss Cross Voltas and Criss Cross Boto Fogos
  • Cruzados Walks and Locks
  • Argentine Crosses with Lady’s Underarm Turn
  • Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
  • Plait


Paso Doble

  • Travelling Spins from CPP
  • Twists
  • Chasse Cape
  • La Passe
  • Spanish Lines



  • Amalgamation: Link, Whip, Curly Whip, Whip Throwaway
  • Chicken Walks
  • Miami Special
  • Windmill
  • Rolling off the Arm


Cha Cha Cha

  • Cuban Breaks and/or Split Cuban Breaks
  • Cross Basics with Spiral Turns
  • Hip Twist Spiral
  • Follow My Leader
  • Turkish Towel


We sincerely hope that this change in requirement will help ‘reign in’ pupils possible desire to dance only ‘free from syllabus’ before they are ready. The aim is to give a better ‘bridge’ from the very high standard of Gold Stars to the even higher levels of Imperial Dance Awards, Supreme Award and Alex Moore Award. Thus allowing these levels to be without restriction. Teachers, we hope it works for you. 

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