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Lockdown lift

Lockdown lift

21 July 2020

Committee member Crystal Main looks at getting your body ready for the lockdown lift

Our life at the moment is very different and for the majority lockdown has significantly disrupted our usual routine. We sometimes take for granted how dance makes us feel, keeping us active in our mind and body. Small movements like rolling through our feet up to the tip of our toes, to a figure of eight movement in the hips are combinations we probably do hundreds of times a week if not daily.

These regular movements help us dance freely and naturally. During lockdown these are not actions that we found ourselves doing on a daily basis. Usual exercises like walking, running, cardio and weight training are nothing like dance. Keeping fit and dance fit are completely different.

The Latin American style involves isolation, rotation and movements in our mid region. It’s important that we do not seize up in this area. We need to keep mobile and encourage our students to do the same. So, I’ve put together some exercises to help keep our bodies fluid and flexible ready to take to the dance floor once again.

1. Inspire and motivate with music

It can be hard to find the motivation to inspire us when exercising from home and usually on our own. In our industry we generally strive along with others and the atmosphere we create together. 

My tip is to find a song from the Latin rhythms that makes you want to jump up, move your whole body and takes you back to a memorable time. I can guarantee you will not want to stay still. 

2. Rotation and isolation 

The hips and ribcage play very important roles in the Latin genre. Keep these mobile and you’ll be ready and raring to dance and move again. 

For my exercises for techniques on rotation and isolation try the following link: https://youtu.be/sz2gJf5w5Lo 

3. Strength and mobility 

Once your body can move you will need to strengthen and keep it mobile. This will help with control and perfect execution. 

The following link has exercises for techniques on strength and mobility: https://youtu.be/NSrwNEyxbrM  

4. Dance fit

Being physically fit and dance fit is very different. The fit can run for 30 mins and more. The energy you need for dance however is the need to excel in speed, then stop, to change direction with

techniques from one step to the next and to repeat a movement over and over again, this therefore can be physically demanding. 

Exercises for techniques on being dance fit can be found at the following link: https://youtu.be/ghzFWyJ_wLc 

I believe that the above four points are key to help produce the perfect transition for getting your body ready for the lockdown lift. 


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