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Medallist Festival in Cologne

Medallist Festival in Cologne

26 February 2014

Join us for the 3rd Annual ISTD Medallist Festival Weekend in Cologne, Germany

Ian de Souza and the team are pleased to announce that the third German Medallist Festival will be held on the weekend of the 28th – 29th June 2014.

This year a full programme of events is on offer.  In addition to ISTD Blackpool 2014 qualifying events in Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence available to ISTD candidates, non-qualifying competitions will be available in Disco, Salsa and Hustle/Discofox. Taking into account feedback from schools we are pleased to announce that as well as couples, one-dance and multi-dance events,  there will also be solo multi-dance events where competitors can be partnered by their teacher or regular partner. 


The weekend is not only an opportunity for the pupils within your school to enjoy a weekend of competition, but also to experience Cologne, it’s scenery and culture.  


This year Louise Sampson and Alexandra Skinner will be joining the German organisation team to assist in its planning and operation. Louise and Alex will be your first point of contact, assisting with hotel bookings, bus transfers and competition entries.

For further information, visit www.medallist-festival.de or contact: Louise Sampson, tel: 07884315687, email: louise@rhythmanddance.co.uk or Alexandra Skinner, tel: 07901962163, email: alexandmarcus@gmail.com.

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