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Modern Theatre - Recent Syllabus Detail Updates

Modern Theatre - Recent Syllabus Detail Updates

18 June 2014

Recent Syllabus Detail Updates. A summary of recent updates to the detail of the modern theatre dance syllabus.

At all grade levels candidates should work in bare feet whenever possible. Foot thongs or soft-soled Jazz shoes may be worn if necessary. Jazz trainers are not allowed.

Clarification on Modern Set Rhythms for
Grades 2, 3 and 4
Candidates should clap the set rhythm without the music. They should also be prepared to perform the dance development of the rhythm twice through: 4 bars at grade 2 and 8 bars at grades 3 and 4

Grade 5 and 6 Modern
In both examinations, the examiner may see the improvisation section later in the examination, for example after the foot warm-up.

Jazz Awards
In the Jazz award examinations candidates should wear a leotard and tights or fitted, full length Jazz pants. Hair must be fixed away from the face. Amalgamation D in both bronze and silver can be demonstrated wearing Jazz trainers. Jazz trainers may also be worn, if appropriate, in the dance. This should be a Jazz routine rather than a lyrical or contemporary piece. Although still preferable, it is not compulsory that the Jazz awards are taken in sequence.

Intermediate Foundation Modern
The combination steps may be taken to either the teacher’s choice of music or the set
music. Please take care to match the tempo and style of music as artistically as you can.

Intermediate Modern
Since 1st September 2013, if there is one student remaining of either gender on any one examination day then boys and girls will be allowed to enter together. Please note that 15 minutes will need to be added to the exam timetable to allow for individual exercises.
In the pirouette exercise, candidates should be encouraged to take a double pirouette
at high level. Double pirouettes will also be encouraged in the unset amalgamations set
by the examiner. The examiner will provide unset music for the rhythm section.

New Revised Advanced 1 Modern
The revised syllabus will not become compulsory throughout the UK, Europe and
worldwide until January 2015.
Since 1st May 2013 the following criteria for the Advanced 1 Modern exam have come
into force:
• The contraction and abdominal exercise will be seen on one side only, according to
the teacher’s choice.
• The falls will be shown on one side only, according to the teacher’s choice.

• The walks sequence will be seen in the original staging of the choreography and no longer seen in canon effect. Please note that candidates will be expected to show the sequence on both sides; one side immediately followed by the other. This is not as printed in the syllabus notes.

• Candidates should be prepared to follow on from each other in the exercises and sequences they perform solo. Teachers may choose if the students follow on for the commercial amalgamation; this does not apply if they show the blues amalgamation.
• All the remaining exercises will be seen as stated in the syllabus notes.
• It is the teacher’s choice of two out of three performance sequences.

• It is the teacher’s choice of one out of two set amalgamations.

• Solo dance arrangement should last a minimum of one and a half minutes, up to a maximum of two minutes.


Revised Advanced 2 Modern
Guidance for Teachers and a List of Step Vocabulary
Candidates will show their ability to combine a selection of steps into a short dance sequence using the step vocabulary and any other suitable movements. This will include two or three steps of vocabulary specified by the examiner, as set out in the Revised Advanced 2 Step Vocabulary List, to music provided by the examiner. The candidates will not be given a choice of music.

The candidates have the freedom to show the vocabulary steps required with their own choice of variables. For example, if asked for a pirouette in attitude, it is the candidate’s choice as to whether it is taken inward, outward, devant, derrière, parallel, turned out, on a fondu, on the demi
pointe, with contraction, single, or double and so on. The length of the sequence will vary depending on the tempo, time signature and the natural phrasing of the music. A general guideline would be 8 bars of 4/4 or 16 bars of ¾.

During the optional period between January 2013 and January 2015, male candidates may present the old advanced 1boys’ floor sequence, instead of the new floor sequence.

Now that it is so commonplace and easy to download music, some teachers may wish to use the original tracks, which were chosen by the choreographers for the grade 4 and 5 lyrical amalgamations. 

Keeping the music used in class current and varied, helps to develop students’ musicality and appreciation. Please teach students to pick up the musical phrase from each other rather than starting from the beginning of the track each time. Constantly restarting the music and playing the introduction is very time consuming and defeats the object of varying the music.

All of the music for the Jazz Awards and advanced 1 and 2 examinations needs to be sourced by the teacher.

Boys Theatre Associate
The boys theatre examination has been phased out since January 2014.

Licentiate Modern
General Graded Specialisation, Section 1
The candidate will be required to take a class at any level from grade 4 to grade 6 inclusive. The candidate’s choice is to be stated on the entry form. Candidates should present a lesson plan at the start of the examination.

Vocational Graded Specialisation
The candidate will be required to take a class at any level from intermediate foundation to advanced 1 inclusive. The candidate’s choice is to be stated on the entry form.Candidates should present a lesson plan at the start of the examination.


Grade 4 Modern Combination Steps Set music or teacher's choice
  Lyrical Amalgamation The Corrs, Runaway (may need to be slowed down)
Grade 5 Modern Isolations Set music or teacher's choice
  Lyrical Amalgamation Anastasia, Freak of Nature, Goodbye
Grade 6 Modern Jazz Arm Exercise Set music or teacher's choice
Intermediate Foundation Modern Combination Steps Set music or teacher's choice
Advanced 1 Modern All exercises Teacher's choice: recommended music lists available
Advanced 2 Modern All exercises Teacher's choice: recommended music lists available
Bronze, Silver & Gold Jazz Awards All exercises Teacher's choice




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