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NEW Advanced 1 and 2 Analysis Examinations

NEW Advanced 1 and 2 Analysis Examinations

27 September 2017

Introducing alternative examinations to progress your career

One of the things that struck me when I joined the ISTD was the excellent opportunity for career progression that the Society offers dance teachers. The dance profession has a largely unstructured career path, yet at the ISTD a newly qualified teacher might start working for a dance school, go on to set up their own school, become a Teacher Trainer and later apply to become an Examiner or Faculty Committee member. We are committed to supporting all our members to utilize their developing knowledge and skills so that they, in turn, can nurture the next generation of teachers and to contribute to the future development of the Society. 

However we have identified a potential barrier to this progression in the form of the Theatre Advanced 1 and 2 examinations, which are a gateway to the Theatre Licentiate and Fellowship teaching qualifications. The Advanced 1 and 2 examinations test high level technical knowledge and skills. However changes to vocational dance training mean that fewer dancers now have the opportunity to take these examinations as students and, given the technical demand of these examinations, they can be challenging to take later in one’s career. 

The ISTD is therefore introducing alternative Advanced 1 and 2 Analysis examinations in Cecchetti Classical Ballet, Classical Indian Dance, Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre and Tap Dance. These examinations will test the same technical and artistic knowledge, without relying on high level physical fitness and will be available worldwide from January 2018. The new Analysis examinations are designed for those teaching, or wishing to teach in the future. They will sit alongside the current Advanced 1 and 2 examinations which are designed for those wishing to dance, or to evidence technical dance skill. 

Advanced 1/2 Analysis: 

This examination evidences understanding and knowledge of Advanced 1/2 and is suitable for those wishing to progress to a teaching career 

Advanced 1/2 Performance: 

This examination evidences performance at Advanced 1/2 level and is suitable for those wishing to progress to a performance career 

As for the Advanced 1 Performance examination, the entry criteria for the Advanced 1 Analysis is Intermediate in the relevant genre. The Analysis examinations are designed for candidates who have long-lasting and permanent physical conditions, rather than for those with an injury. Therefore candidates will complete a Statement of Physical Limitation form at the point of application, which will be signed by their teacher. 

The exam format will be based on the Performance exam format and, specifically, the Examiner will request accurate demonstration of each exercise, with the option to then request analysis of a section of the exercise, or full performance of a section of the exercise in order to elicit further technical, musical or artistic detail. The examination will be marked solely on the candidate’s ability to accurately demonstrate and analyse performance of the syllabus and will not include knowledge of how to teach the syllabus. The Analysis exams will be the same length as the Performance exams, but candidates will enter singly. 

To satisfactorily demonstrate the appropriate technical and artistic knowledge requires a mature level of judgment and adaptation, which replicates the knowledge and skills required of a teacher who is teaching this level of material to students. As such, this exam equates to the same level of difficulty as the Advanced 1 and 2 Performance exams, but without the physical demands. 

The cost of these exams will be available here soon. 

To apply for an Advanced 1 or 2 Analysis exam contact the Examinations Department who will provide you with a Statement of Physical Limitation form. This form must be completed and returned with your exam application. 

Ginny Brown

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