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  1. Being heard amongst the herd

    Being heard amongst the herd

    13 Dec
    Some tips on website design and development best practice from netXtra.
  2. Big Dance volunteers honoured

    Big Dance volunteers honoured

    12 Dec
    Hundreds of volunteers are honoured through The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award 2012.
  3. Dinner Dance tickets are now on sale!

    Dinner Dance tickets are now on sale!

    05 Dec
    Don't miss out on this highlight of the year and join us on Sunday 17th March 2013!
  4. Regional Associate Artist – Dance Artist

    Regional Associate Artist – Dance Artist

    04 Dec
    English National Ballet is seeking to roll out its Dance for Parkinson’s programme and recruit a freelance Regional Associate Dance Artist to deliver classes in Oxford. Closing date for applications i...
  5. Scottish Dancers' Mentoring Scheme

    Scottish Dancers' Mentoring Scheme

    19 Nov
    Dance UK is launching a new Dancers' Mentoring Scheme for company and independent dancers based in Scotland - closing date for applications is 25th February 2013.
  6. Dance Proms 2012

    Dance Proms 2012

    05 Nov
    The event at the Royal Albert Hall was even bigger and better than last year!
  7. How Wonderful! How Sad!

    How Wonderful! How Sad!

    30 Oct
    The DFR Faculty pays tribute to their former Vice Chairman, Betty Bouston
  8. Bacc for the Future

    Bacc for the Future

    26 Oct
    Save the future of creativity in schools
  9. Dance World Cup 2013

    Dance World Cup 2013

    19 Oct
    This event will take place in England next year for the first time in its 10 year history.
  10. A Welcome Minor Revision to Grades

    A Welcome Minor Revision to Grades

    03 Oct
    Optional from January 2013 and compulsory from September 2013
  11. National Dance in Mexico

    National Dance in Mexico

    03 Oct
    Heather Rees reports
  12. Tap on Barcelona

    Tap on Barcelona

    03 Oct
    ISTD teachers Helen Imison and Antonio Barone describe how they were inspired by new techniques in learning