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Arts Council report on the value of the arts

Arts Council report on the value of the arts

9 May 2013

A summary of the key findings, articles and commentary.

In the wake of the Arts Council report on 'The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy' and Culture Secretary Maria Miller's recent comments on the economic case for the arts, we've compiled a list of some articles that discuss the contents of the report.

The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy
Download the independent report commissioned by the Arts Council and conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

The key findings include:

  • arts and culture make up 0.4 per cent of *GDP – a significant return on the less than 0.1 per cent of government spending invested in the sector
  • arts and culture is a sector of significant scale with a turnover of £12.4 billion and aGVA** of £5.9 billion in 2011
  • arts and culture generate more per pound invested than the health, wholesale and retail, and professional and business services sectors
  • the arts and culture sector provides 0.45 per cent of total UK employment and 0.48 per cent of total employment in England
  • at least £856 million per annum of spending by tourists visiting the UK can be attributed directly to arts and culture
  • the economic contribution of the arts and cultural sector has grown since 2008, despite the UK economy as a whole remaining below its output level before the global financial crisis.

Stats entertainment – arts and the economy
The Stage - 7th May 2013

Arts Council report: our children will end up barbarians
The Telegraph - 7th May 2013
The arts, says Rupert Christiansen, are as essential to our national dignity as the Queen or the Lake District – and that is why they must be properly funded.

Arts and culture worth more than £850m to UK export trade
The Guardian - 7th May 2013
Arts and culture delivers a significant return on relatively small levels of government spending and directly leads to at least £856m of spending by tourists in the UK, according to a new report seeking to analyse the value of the arts to the modern economy.

The business of our industry is producing quality art
The Stage - 30th April 2013


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