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Call for contributions

Call for contributions

12 March 2012

On Collaboration - SYMPOSIUM 4 May 2012, Middlesex University, Trent Park.


The Performing Arts Department at Middlesex University will be hosting a one-day symposium on collaboration in performance practice, with a specific focus on the notions of ‘memory’, ‘place’ and ‘time’ in performance-making. The event will take place on 4 May 2012 at Trent Park Campus, North London, and will mark a farewell to the location before the department will relocate to Hendon Campus in summer 2012.

The call for contributions is open to practitioners, academics and PhD students wishing to present research papers, discussion panels or short demonstrations of instances of relevant performance practice in the form of lecture demonstrations and practice demonstrations.

The symposium specifically focuses on collaborative practice in performance-making and the issues of ‘memory’, ‘place’ and ‘time’. Questions of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

•       What forms or modes of collaboration can be identified in performance-making?  In what ways is ‘the collaborative’ at stake in solo performance-making?

•       How do compositional techniques operate in solo and collaborative modes of performance?

•       How can collaboration be theorised?

•       How is personal or collective memory negotiated in collaborative contexts?

•       In what ways can technology impact on collaboration?

•       How are ‘place’ and ‘time’ integral to performance-making processes?

•       How do performers draw upon and conceive of memory in performance-making?

•       How is collaborative practice taught in HE? What models of practice to we offer and what are the continued values we identify in teaching collaborative performance-making? 

In order to apply to contribute to the symposium, please send a 250-300 word abstract and a short outline of the nature of your proposed contribution to s.sachsenmaier@mdx.ac.uk and noyalecolin@yahoo.co.uk. Please also attach a short biography.

Deadline 21 March 2012. All contributors will be notified by end of March.

Location details of Trent Park campus: http://www.mdx.ac.uk/aboutus/Location/trent-park/index.aspx

Further details of the symposium will be announced soon.


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