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Choreographic Competition 2010

Choreographic Competition 2010

5 April 2011

A report on our annual competition that gives Cecchetti-trained pupils the chance to choreograph using free expression and explore new ways of moving.

Our annual Choreographic Competition was held on Sunday 28th November at Cecil Sharp House, London. The Cecchetti Group were delighted with the success of the day which was organised by Belinda Payne, Wendy Mitchell and members of the Cecchetti Group. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the day ran exceptionally smoothly. We must congratulate and thank our team of dedicated teachers who volunteered to help on the day.

The adjudicators were Anita Young (dancer, teacher, choreographer) who adjudicated the choreographic content of the children’s entries. Anita’s enthusiastic presence put all the competitors at ease. Her wealth of knowledge and experience shone through as she gave invaluable words of advice to the winners. Anita was also keen to encourage and praise those who did not win this year. The children are not judged on their technical ability, still, Anita could not resist some well-received technical advice on lifts in pas de deux!

Ross Alley adjudicated the children’s musicality choice. He advised to use lesser known composers and stressed that the quality of the music must not be lost if pieces are arranged to fit the required length of time. Ross obviously has a keen ear and was impressed by a number of items which suited the theme and flow of the dance. Ross gave all the children words of encouragement and useful comments for next time.

Commendation certificates were presented along with medals for the runner-up and winner of each section. Our Chairman Elisabeth Swan and Susan Handy presented each child with a participation certificate.

Our music technician David Marley kept the pace of the competition flowing and was not at all flustered when a couple of scratched CDs would not play. Likewise the children this affected were true professionals and kept dancing.

Our technical adviser and photographer Geoff Wheatley was present throughout the day and took numerous photographs of the children. These are available to view and order via our official website www.cecchetti.co.uk/Events/ChoreographicCompetition/photos.html.

The competition is an opportunity for Cecchetti-trained pupils to choreograph using free expression and to explore new ways of moving to a variety of music. Each entry gave such pleasure to the audience. Belinda Payne and Wendy Mitchell would like to express their thanks and appreciation to the teachers and students who participated and please do commend your pupils and encourage them to enter again next year.    

Wendy Mitchell, The Cecchetti Group  

Choreographic Competition Results  

Junior Solo  

Winner: Washing by the Waterfall, Ayala Salomon-Romen, Jane Worsley  

Runner-Up: Alice in Wonderland, Hanna Wright, Juliet Locks  

Junior Duet  

Winner: Games, Lucas Whitehouse, Madeline Whitehouse, Jane Worsley  

Runner-Up: A Day at the Seaside, Lois Regan and Genevieve Duffy, Jane Worsley  

Junior Trio and Group  

Winner: Robber Riot, Sophie Kwist, Vanessa Gardner, Marist Prep School  

Runner-Up: Never Say Never in Neverland, Tara Harrington, Vanessa Gardner, Marist Prep   School  

Middle Solo  

Winner: Penguin Goes Fishing, Beth Twine, Jane Worsley  

Runner-Up: Waves, Alex Regan, Jane Worsley  

Middle Duet  

Winner: Jumping for Joy, Georgia Humbert, Jessica Seaman-Hill, Debbie Jellis  

Runner-Up: The Window Cleaner, Jake Bone and Alex Regan, Jane Worsley  

Middle Trio and Group  

Winner: Drill, Jake Bone, Jane Worsley  

Runner-Up: The Blitz, Alex Regan, Jane Worsley  

Senior Solo  

Winner: Flower Seller, Gina Jamieson, Jane Worsley  

Senior Duet  

Winner: The Hunt, Sarah Bateman and Nathan Hunt, Kate Simmonds  

Susan Handy Musicality Cup  

Waves and The Blitz, Alex Regan, Jane Worsley  

Laura Payne Cup  

Overall Solo  

Penguin Goes Fishing, Beth Twine, Jane Worsley  

Barbara Geoghegan Cup  

Overall Duet  

Jumping for Joy, Georgia Humbert, Jessica Seaman-Hill, Debbie Jellis  

Richard Glasstone Award  

Overall Group/Trio  

Drill, Jake Bone, Jane Worsley  

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