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Classical Greek Dance Festival Finals 2019

Classical Greek Dance Festival Finals 2019

12 July 2019

The Classical Greek Dance Festival 2019 took place on Sunday 12th May

Solos B 9-10 years

First: Mia Ward (Mayhew School of Dance)
Second: Serena Festivo (Music Box Guernsey)
Third: Oakley Bassford (Dupont Stage School)
Third: Emily Savage (Mayhew School of Dance)
Musicality: Skye Reilly (Allied School of Dance)

Solos C 11-12 years

First: Chloe Taylor (Academy Theatre Arts)
Second: Mei-Ling Wang (Kilburn School of Dance)
Second: Charlotte Kennedy (Karen Blackburn Dance Academy)
Third: Viviana McKean (Kilburn School of Dance)
Third: Lili Skye Howe (Kilburn School of Dance)
Musicality: Holly Prke-Smith (Karen Blackburn Dance Academy)

Junior Duets 10 years and Under

First: Mia Ward and Emily Savage (Mayhew School of Dance)
Second: Lola Niewiarowski & Brooke Blaze (Dupont Stage School)
Third: Daisy Fleur Howe & Isobel Barber (Shining Stars Academy)
Third: Ella-Marie Davies & Keiana Hollobone (Kilburn School of Dance)

Intermediate Trios & Quartets 14 years and Under

First: Emma Gibbon, Muty Anibaba & Jemima Kingswell (Karen Blackburn Dance Academy)
Second: Mia Marino, Millie Lowes & Amy Owen (Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance)
Third: Georgia Caine, Marnie Falla & Jack Dorey (Music Box Guernsey)
Third: Sian Clarke, Carys Clarke & Emma Walker (Shining Stars Academy)

Junior Groups 10 years and Under

First: Mayhew School of Dance
Second: Dupont Stage School
Third: Kilburn School of Dance
Third: Shining Stars

Senior Duets

First: Sophie Vickers & Laura March (Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance)
Second: Abbie Warner & Beth Lloyd (Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance)
Third: Alicia Jackson & Jamie Tank (Dupont Stage School)

Intermediate Duets 14 years and Under

First: Evie Paddison & Beatriz Kingsmill-Smith (Mayhew School of Dance)
Second: Lili Skye Howe & Viviana McKean (Kilburn School of Dance)
Third: Ysabella Garcia & Harriet Lowe (Academy Theatre Arts)
Third: Bethany McWattGreen & Soraya Miller (Academy Theatre Arts)

Choreographic Groups All Ages

First: Sussex Dance Studios
Second: Music Box
Second: Academy Theatre Arts
Second: Buckhurst Hill and Woodford School of Dancing

Senior Groups

First: Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance
Second: Allied School of Dance
Second: Academy Theatre Arts
Third: Mayhew School of Dance

Solos A 8 years & under

First: Daisy-Fleur Howe (Kilburn School of Dance)
Second: Takondwa Simfukwe (Willingdon School of Dance)
Third: Olivia Dallow (Dupont Stage School)
Musicality: Lilly-Grace Nicolle (Guernsey Classical Greek)

Junior Trios & Quartets 10 years & Under

First: Olivia Brooks, Evie Rush & Fearne Gibbs (Academy Theatre Arts)
Second: Isobel Barber, Georgia Gunning & Emily Rodenhurst (Kilburn School of Dance)
Third: Millie Coombes, Elena Loach & Grace Louis (Redhurst Schools of Dancing)
Third: Olivia Dallow, Tiana Rose & Lola Niewiarowski (Dupont Stage School)

Senior Trios & Quartets 21 years & Under

First: Grace Riley, Jamie Tank & Alicia Jackson (Dupont Stage School)
Second: Jodie Coughlan, Sasha Jubb, Hattie Burrows & Ellie-Mae Coldwell 9Roshe School)
Third: Katie-Ella Appleton, Aimee Freemantle & Feya Cox (Mayhew School of Dance)

Senior Solos 21 years and Under

First: Freya Cox (Mayhew School of Dance)
Second: Shannon Molloy (Mayhew School of Dance)
Second: Christian Knight (Dupont Stage School)
Third: Tallulah Treadway (Roshe School)
Third: Poppy Lefros-Brooks (Mayhew School of Dance)
Third: Sophie Parris (Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance)
Musicality: Danielle Chance (Roshe School)

Solos D 13-14 years

First: Emma Gibbon (Karen Blackburn Dance Academy)
Second: Jemima Kingwell (Karen Blackburn Dance Academy  )
Second: Georgia Mackness (Mayhew School of Dance)
Third: Scarlett Treadway (Roshe School)
Musicality: Mia Mariono (Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance)

Intermediate Groups 14 years & Under

First: Kilburn School of Dance
Second: Academy Theatre Arts
Second: Mayhew School Of Dance
Third: Shining Stars Academy

Special Awards

  • CGDAF Most Promising Junior Girl Award | Lilly Grace Nicolle -  The Dream | Guernsey Classical Greek
  • CGDAF Most Promising Senior Girl Award | Georgia Mackness - Across the Moors | Mayhew School of Dance 
  • Dancing Times Cup, Most Promising Junior Boy | Oakley Bassford - Looking | Dupont Stage School
  • Boys Shield, Most Promising Senior Boy | Christian Knight - A call to Arms | Dupont Stage School
  • Sonia Bond Shield Most Promising Duet/Trio/Quartet-Non winner | Agatha Swenson, Bethany McWattGreen &Soraya Miller - Witches from Macbeth | Academy Theatre Arts
  • CGDAF Art Deco Costume Award | Mia Ward & Emily Savage - Lullaby for the World | Mayhew School of Dance 
  • Buckhurst Hill and Woodford Shield (Classical Greek Ideals) | Hera , Aphrodite and Athena gather their followers to Worship Zeus | Allied School of Dance 
  • Pauline Grant Trophy (Technical Accuracy) | Lili-Skye Howe & Viviana McKean - Gemini Twins | Kilburn School of Dance 
  • Rona Hart Trophy (Most Dramatic Expression ) | Sophie Parris - Thermisto takes revenge | Yasmin Taylor Academy of Dance 
  • Irene Mawer Trophy (Drama) | Shannon Molloy - The Haunting | Mayhew School of Dance 
  • Nancy Sherwood Trophy (Nature) | Autumn Reveals | Buckhurst Hill and Woodford School
  • Cawadias Shield,  Most memorable Solo/Duet/Trio/Quartet | Emma Gibbon, Muty Anibaba & Jemima Kingwell - The Daughters of Pelias | Karen Blackburn Dance Academy  
  • Rosina Wenham Shield, Most memorable Group | The Trumpet excite us to Arms | Academy Theatre Arts

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