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Dance UK announces eight Business of Dance Bursary Recipients each worth £1000

Dance UK announces eight Business of Dance Bursary Recipients each worth £1000

30 April 2013

The eight recipients of Dance UK’s first Business of Dance £1000 bursaries have been announced. Each recipient is either a dance artist or manager will work with a host organisation or dance company to develop their business skills. The bursaries are designed to enhance each recipient’s career progression and strengthen the dance workforce as a whole through peer-to-peer learning.

DanceUK’s Business of Dance bursaries are supported by Arts Council England (ACE) and respond to ACE’s goal to promote collaborative working, knowledge sharing and development of a highly skilled arts workforce.

For DanceUKmembers the bursaries are a way for dance companies and organisations to share their skills and knowledge with smaller companies, self-managed dance artists, and emerging managers. The bursaries have been designed to be flexible so that the £1,000 can be used in the most beneficial and effective way to support the identified dance professional to meet their skills development goal.

The recipients of Dance UK Business of Dance bursaries are:

Avatâra Ayuso – Shobana Jeyasingh Dance (London)

Avatâra Ayuso is a dancer and choreographer as well as director of Avatâra Ayuso Dance Company. She has performed with Shobana Jeyasingh Dance since 2007 and will be using the bursary to develop her business skills with the company in finance, fundraising and project management. Avatâra will also learn about securing commissions and finding new networks as well as being able to observe the management of Shobana Jeyasingh Dance. She will work particularly in developing an event for donors in June.

Sarah Blanc  – Candoco Dance Company (London)

Sarah Blanc is a contemporary dance professional, working across the sector as a performer, choreographer, teacher and project manager. She is also co-founder of Inside Dance TV and an Artist with Candoco Dance Company.  For the bursary, Sarah will be working with graduates from Candoco’s Youth Company, Cando2, developing her choreography and gaining further experience and understanding of inclusive work. Candoco Dance Company will be providing a programme of business, management and producing training which will help her to push projects forward independently.

Beth Loughran – Dance City (Newcastle)

Beth Loughran is a performer, teacher and emerging leader. She will use the Business of Dance bursary to work withDanceCity, particularly developing her skills in cultural leadership and business management as well as focusing on personal development.DanceCitywill share their expertise in finance and communication and Beth will work closely with Artistic Director Anthony Baker to learn more about leadership and management.

James MacGillivray (Dundee) – SouthEast Dance (Brighton)

James MacGillivray is a dance artist currently transitioning into management, having worked for Scottish Dance Theatre as a dancer, rehearsal and creative partnership director, and acting director. During his bursary work with SouthEast Dance, he will be able to refine his next career steps, working across the areas of artist advice, training, producing, curating performance and developing/delivering participatory activity. James will develop skills in fundraising, budget development, project leadership/management, producing and evaluation.

Hayley Ryan – DanceDigital (Essex)

Hayley Ryan is a freelance dance artist and administrator. She will be working with DanceDigital inEssexto develop her producing skills alongside mentor Gemma Convelly. During her bursary, she will create a business plan and marketing strategy to extend DanceDigital’s interactive dance and technology programme. She will also learn how to deliver workshops in dance and technology and develop an interactive toolbox for use in schools.

Angela Towler – Dance UK (London)

Angela Towler, a dancer with Rambert Dance Company has identified a need to gain project management skills. Dance UKis providing her a placement and mentoring within Dance UK’s team organising the forthcoming National Choreographers’ Conference at Sadler’s Wells in May 2013.

Dorcas Walters (Birmingham) – Dance UK (London)

Dorcas Walters, a former principal dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Clore Fellow, as part of her bursary she is developing The Business of Dance programme, expanding her experience of working in the management and business development side of an arts organisation.

Rosie Whitney-Fish – Protein Dance (London)

Choreographer Rosie Whitney-Fish will be at Protein Dance working with Sarah Trist, Development Director, and Jo Towler, General Manager, to develop her arts business skills. She will be learning how to build business partnerships, raise funds and provide an appropriate legal framework within which to produce projects. Rosie will be putting these skills to the test in realising an ambitious site-specific project she has planned for 2013 and 2014.

Bursary recipient Avatâra Ayuso stated: "I'm thrilled to be awarded the Business of Dance bursary and am looking forward to developing my skills in finance, fundraising and project management with Shobana Jeyasingh Dance."

Sarah Trist, Development Director of Protein Dance, who will be working with bursary recipient Rosie Whitney-Fish, said: “The Business of Dance initiative is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and build capacity within the sector. I am looking forward to working with Rosie over the coming months.”

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