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Dance UK's Choreographers Observerships

Dance UK's Choreographers Observerships

14 May 2013

Applications are now open - the deadline is 25th June 2013

Applications open for funded Choreographers Observerships organised by Dance UK
Supported by Arts Council England and Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund

In response to demand from choreographers to find opportunities to observe other choreographers at work in a variety of contexts from the dance studio to the film set, Dance UK is launching a new Choreographers Observership Programme, funded by Arts Council England. The Choreographers Observership Programme was announced at Dance UK’s National Choreographers’ Conference at Sadler’s Wells on Saturday 11 May and is now open for applications.

The programme will provide ten choreographers with awards to observe a choreographer at work in a creative context (over two sessions). A short conversation about that working process will take place between the two choreographers before and after the observership has taken place. The choreographer being observed will receive a small fee of £300 for their time.

Application forms can be downloaded from www.danceuk.org

The aim of the Choreographers Observership Programme is to promote peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange; to broker and build relationships between choreographers working in diverse contexts within the performing arts and the wider creative industries, (from opera to commercials, from computer games to ballet, from contemporary to music videos); and to give choreographers at all stages of their careers the chance to develop their craft by building a deeper understanding of different working processes and environments available to them.

How the programme Choreographers Observership Programme works:

  • The programme is open to applications from choreographers who are Dance UK members
  • Choreographers apply to Dance UK by filling in an application form and attaching their CV and an equal opportunities form (available from www.danceuk.org)
  • Within the application form they will be asked to explain which choreographer they would like to observe and in which working context. They should explain why they feel attuned to that particular choreographer’s work or approach.
  • They are asked to explain how observing this specific choreographer will support them to develop artistically or help them develop understanding of a new working environment and if they believe this will help them secure future work or develop their artistic practice in other ways.
  • They will need to specify if they already have a relationship with the choreographer they would like to observe or if Dance UK would need to provide support brokering a new relationship, (both options are acceptable)
  • Deadline for completed applications is 25 June 2013.
  • A selection panel, Chaired by Dance UK, will select the ten successful applicants by 14 July 2013.
  • The observerships will take place between August and November 2013.

In addition to the Choreographers Observerships the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund, through its Marion North Memorial Awards is supporting Dance UK to offer three awards of £600 to successful participants of the Observership programme for several of the choreographers involved to develop their relationship further through mentoring. The aim is to further enhance and develop those choreographers choreographic practice through peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange.


Many of Dance UK’s members are choreographers and it has been working closely with them for over 30 years. Dance UK facilitates the Choreographers Professional Network, (formerly the British Association of Choreographers) as well as the Choreographers Directory, which promotes work opportunities for choreographers by connecting them with employers. In 2006 – 2011 Dance UK administrated the Rayne Fellowships for Choreographers and on 11 May 2013 Dance UK organised the National Conference for Choreographers at Sadler’s Wells.

For further press information please contact Caroline Miller, Director, Dance UK 020 7713 0730 or email caroline@danceuk.org, website www.danceuk.org


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