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Dance World Cup 2013

Dance World Cup 2013

19 October 2012

This event will take place in England next year for the first time in its 10 year history.

PRESS RELEASE - Dance World Cup 2013 takes place in Brighton 1-6 July - this is the first time this International competition has come to England - it started 10 years ago in Germany.  

Team England 2012 came overall second at Dance World Cup in Austria - narrowly beaten by Team Germany. The dance schools that made up the Team were: Dance Design Theatre Arts, A2Arts Performing Arts Academy, Glendale Theatre Arts and Jean Marks School of Dance. The Team won gold, silver and bronze medals in Villach, Austria.

We are expecting 2,500 children from across the world to take part in Brighton. Each country runs a qualifying heat to select the teams. In England we do this by DVD upload and the closing date is 31st January 2013. The children can be 7 years to 25 years. The teams come from Malaysia, Egypt, USA, South Africa, Japan, Ukraine as well as closer to home, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Slovenia to name but a few.  

It is a wonderful experience for the children to perform in a beautiful theatre and meet other dancers from across the world - dance is the universal language that has no barriers.

Miss Jacqueline Storey is Vice Chairman. Miss Storey is a British Federation Adjudicator also. Matthew Bourne, Re-Bourne choreographer, is affiliated with Dance World Cup.

For more information contact:

Jo Arnett, UK Dance World Cup Representative

07909 962520 / www.dwcworld.com

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