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Developing the ISTD in China

Developing the ISTD in China

4 January 2011

Julian Amey reports on a recent trip to Hong Kong and Beijing

ISTD Chairman Peter Kyle and I have just completed a full week of meetings in China, and I am pleased to say we had a very warm welcome from our ISTD colleagues and all of the new contacts we made. During a short, two-day visit to Hong Kong we held a reception for more than 40 teachers and supporters of the ISTD before flying three hours north to Beijing. At the Beijing Dance Academy secondary school (BDA) we saw dance classes of Western and Chinese dance, as well as a class of traditional Chinese dance, which is really exciting to watch – a mixture of Kung Fu and Ballet!

In between our various discussions we had time for a quick visit to one of Beijing’s main attractions – the Forbidden City. It is so called because the Chinese Emperors who lived within the walls of the old City did not allow anyone outside the Court and Imperial family to enter.

Later in the week, Philip Li, who is a member of the ISTD and operates in a big dance Academy in Beijing, arranged for us to see a performance given by the students. We finished off our visit to the Academy with a traditional Chinese banquet which usually includes about 12 courses – small, but delicious of course!

Following the recent visit by the British Prime Minister to China, a series of events leading up to the London Olympics 2012, including dance, will be held in China in 2012 under the banner UK Now. So, coupled with all those we met at the reception in Hong Kong, we feel we have set in motion a number of important initiatives we can now pursue to increase ISTD’s profile and business in greater China.
Julian Amey, CEO


Julian Amey 近期香港和北京之行汇报
ISTD主席Peter Kyle和我刚刚结束了我们在中国一周的访问,期间会议满档。我们很荣幸受到了ISTD的同事和新朋友的热情接待。在香港两天的短暂访问期间,我们为40多位ISTD的老师和支持者们举行了一场酒会,会见了一些剧场和体育舞蹈学校校长,之后便搭乘三小时的飞机北上来到北京。

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