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Dorset Day of Dance

Dorset Day of Dance

30 April 2019

On a day of high winds and rain, the sun shone brightly indoors for the Dorset Day of Dance, held on 9th December at West Moors Memorial Hall in Bournemouth. The competition day of Classical, Modern and Latin Sequence as well as Modern Ballroom and Latin American, was full of action, colour, excitement and joy.

Events began with a warm-up dance for everyone, led by Louise Sampson. The floor was alive with dancers and spectators from 6-year olds to those in their 80s.

The competition began with events for solo competitors followed by couples in Modern Ballroom. Dancers from the under-8s first timers to the 50+ silver and above medallists competed. The number of entries was high and the competition starting to heat up.

This was followed by the solo and couples Classical Sequence where spectators were treated to dances in a range of time signatures; including the Boston Two Step, Veleta, Ragtime Swing, Fylde Waltz, Regency Mazurka, Wedgwood Blue Gavotte and many more. The Modern Sequence section showed some of the more popular sequence dances such as the Woodside Waltz, Quando Quickstep, Tango Callatina and Waltz Catherine. All these dances were fantastic to watch. The children showed such great poise and delivered the character and style of the classical dances. The attention to detail and elegance was a credit to the teachers and competitors.

The day continued with the Latin American solo and couples events. All the age groups were represented competing in the Jive, Cha Cha Cha, and Rumba. Latin Sequence dances shown were an eight-bar Rumba sequence for the younger ones, a superb Paso Petite, Jeneau Jive, Vistamar Cha Cha Cha and many more favourites. Competitors performed their dances with great enthusiasm and energy, once again providing the spectators throughout the afternoon with a fantastic display of precision, timing and dazzling colours.

Prizes were duly awarded but perhaps the biggest prize on show was the sportsmanship in partnering between different schools and different ages, which was a delight to see and enjoy. A huge thank you to Jill Bush, ex-Sequence Faculty Chair as adjudicator, Simon Cruwys for providing the music, and the event host, compère and scrutineer, Louise Sampson. They delivered a professional and entertaining day enjoyed by all.

Thank you also to all the dance schools, teachers and competitors. Seven schools attended from across the south of England, from London to Weymouth, with their dancers and supporters. These were: Dance with Diana (Diana Wykes); Fairhall Dancing (Kay Fairgrieves); Scarlett Rose School of Dance (Beverley Craig); Nice ā€˜nā€™ Easy Dance Studios (Carol Dunbar); Keep Dancing (Julie Tucker and Suzanne Hancock); Rhythm & Dance (Louise Sampson); First Class Dance School (Peter Arnold).

For those interested in learning Sequence, please contact one of the above schools check dance-teachers.org for an ISTD school near you. If you would like to know more about the Sequence dances mentioned in this article and others, as well as the history of Sequence dancing, please visit istd.org/sequence.

Peter Arnold

Sequence 3-Dance Competition Dances 2019

These are the dances for the 2019 Sequence 3-dance competition. As you can see there is a mix of new dances and ones that have been danced for longer. We hope you enjoy learning the different rhythms.

Juvenile Empress Mazurka  Tango El Cid Rumba One
Junior La Mascotte Newchurch Waltz Paso Espana
Under 35 Premier Two Step Arcadia Foxtrot Brazillian Samba
Over 35 Windsor Glide Caribbean Foxtrot Joop Jive
Over 50 Elizabethan Waltz Kendray Quickstep Bellissimo Cha Cha Cha

Please note: Brazilian Samba is arranged by Martin Simmonds. The Paso Espana is arranged by Jill Bush and Vernon Kemp. Scripts can be obtained from the ISTD shop: 020 7377 1577 or through Brockbank Lane Sequence Script Service: 01295 262153.

Sequence Medallist Festival 2019

The Grand Sequence Medallist Festival 2019 will take place on 9th June. There will be a full programme of solo and couples events plus an opportunity to qualify in the 3-Dance Sequence competition. This event will be split between those who have qualified already and for those who have yet to qualify. Please check the events page for further updates.


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