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Grandison Clark Awards 2018

Grandison Clark Awards 2018

1 May 2019

The Awards took place on Sunday 25th November at The Venue in Milton Keynes.

The stage was awash with a colourful array of folk costumes and choreography from more than 30 countries including large parts of Europe as well as China, Cuba, Venezuela and the Philippines.

The audience was treated to a spectacle of classes in Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartets and Groups at various age levels, with 250 dancers coming together to celebrate their love of folk dance.

The Committee also presented the Isobel Haxell Cup for 2018 to Annette Clark in recognition of her long and loyal service to the National Dance Faculty.

Thanks to Jacky Ferguson and the National Committee, along with Co-ordinator Julia Beattie, for organising the Awards and congratulations to all the schools, teachers and competitors who contributed to such a wonderful event.

2018 Isobel Haxell Cup being presented to Annette Clark by Faculty Chair Jacky FergusonGrandison Clark Judge, Janet Palmer, reports

It was a cold November morning when I arrived for the Awards. After meeting up with my fellow judges, Heather Burns and Karen King, we settled down for a day that we anticipated would be full of colour and excitement. We were not disappointed.

The day was brimming with talent and artistry, and it was wonderful to see such attention to detail, not only in the technique and choice of music, but also in the gorgeous costumes. I was very impressed by the lovely work shown by the youngest competitors. The whole event was a tribute to the talented teachers and choreographers who pass on their knowledge and produce these wonderful confident performances. There was a good variety of countries represented, although Russia seemed particularly popular on this occasion. All the groups were magnificent, showing creativity, precise patterns and smooth transitions. Two groups were particularly memorable, the Dance Consortium Senior Russian Group and Pearls of the Balkan.

The programme was very well organised and ran smoothly from start to finish and I would like to thank the ISTD National committee for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. Thank you also to my fellow judges for sharing their knowledge with me and making it such a happy experience.

My lasting impression will be a day full of colour and the joy of dance.

Janet Palmer


Class A Solos: Darcie Richmond, Allgood School of Dancing
Class B Solos: Daisy Reynolds, Leanne Hughes Theatre School
Class C Solos: Lili-Skye Howe, Kilburn School of Dance
Class D Solos: Alexandra Ratcliffe, Kilburn School of Dance
Class E Solos: Maisie Cox, Dance Consortium
British Isles Intermediate Solos: Milly Burrows,  Pirouette Academy of Dance
Intermediate Novice Solos: Louis Williamson,  Timestep Academy of Dance
Junior Duets: Ryley Trimble/Bella Digby,  Kilburn School of Dance
Intermediate Duets: Sian O’Keefe/Alexandra Ratcliffe  Kilburn School of Dance
Senior Duets: Imogen Burn and Harry Stanton,  Kilburn School of Dance
Inter Trios & Quartets: S O’Keefe/E Sorrell/I Burn/A Ratcliffe, Kilburn School of Dance
Senior Trios & Quartets: C Lester/M Cox/S Wright,  Dance Consortium
Junior Groups: Kilburn School of dance Intermediate Groups: Dance Consortium
Senior Groups: Dance Consortium

For a full list of results please visit www.istd.org/news/istd-news/grandison-clark-awards-results/

Grandison Clark 2018

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