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How Wonderful! How Sad!

How Wonderful! How Sad!

30 October 2012

The DFR Faculty pays tribute to their former Vice Chairman, Betty Bouston

How wonderful that Betty Bouston had been nominated, and then put on a short list of three for the Carl Alan Freestyle Award for Lifetime Achievement. 

How wonderful that she went to Blackpool for the Award ceremony on 13th October 2012, and planned to stay on for an extra few days to enjoy a mini-break. 

How wonderful it was when the news was brought back the next day to all those at DFR Grand Finals’ in Guildford. ‘Our Betty’ – Senior Multi-Faculty Examiner, former Vice Chairman of the DFR Faculty, Competition Organiser and a well known figure at ISTD events – had won the Lifetime Achievement Award! The packed arena of teachers, dancers and parents, was thrilled and overjoyed! 

How wonderful to hear of her absolute delight, surprise and extreme pleasure as she received the Award and that the excitement of the occasion encouraged her to actively join in the festivities that evening and to ‘keep dancing like a 21 year old!’

How sad to hear that Betty was not able to savour for long, the recognition from discerning colleagues of her services to and promotion of dance throughout a long dancing career, nor to complete her much needed and anticipated holiday.

How sad she will not know of the applause from so many colleagues, pupils and friends awaiting her return and to open the cards of congratulations which undoubtedly were on their way.

How sad she had just missed marking her 80th birthday and feeling the thrill and warmth of well wishers as the centre of attention at planned celebrations. 

How wonderful at the start of that weekend but how sad at the end for those she left behind. But well done Betty! You loved and gave so much to the world of dance and maintained that enjoyment and passion by dancing to the finish. Not really sad but truly wonderful!

Patsy Graham, DFR Faculty Secretary

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