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New EU 'Cookie' Policy - ISTD

New EU 'Cookie' Policy - ISTD

30 June 2012

How we use cookies on the ISTD website.

ISTD Cookie Policy

You may have seen a variety of information on websites you’ve visited recently, letting you know about their ‘cookie’ policy. This is because a new EU law recently came into effect requiring all websites to inform their visitors of the storage of cookies.

A cookie is a simple text file containing a small amount of data which is downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. The ISTD, (along with most other websites) use cookies to enable us to ‘remember’ you and help improve your user experience.

These cookies are deleted after you leave the ISTD website.  They do not retain sensitive information such as contact details or payment information.

You can choose which cookies to allow on your computer, or even delete them altogether,  by altering the settings in your browser, although this may affect the functions on certain websites.

For full details on the ISTD cookie policy please click here.

The website www.aboutcookies.org provides more information on how you can manage cookies on a range of browsers (and they also have a great recipie for real cookies!).

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