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Southern Italian Summer School

Southern Italian Summer School

2 October 2012

Simona Carofiglio, Doriana Mastrorilli & Angela Jane Burleigh report from Bari, 14th – 20th July

The Italian Summer School in Bari was held from 14th to 20th July in the warm atmosphere of the Park Di Cagno Abbrescia and was greeted with enthusiasm by all. The objective was to provide a programme of courses and lectures in various dance genres.

A combination of enthusiasm, energy and dedication was accompanied throughout the week by the professionalism of the team of lecturers such as Guy Niblett for Classical Ballet, Corraine Collins for Classical and Modern dance, Carole Moseley for Modern, Tony Parrie for Jazz, Helen Green for Tap, Orazio Caiti for Contemporary and choreographic workshops, Francesco Osa Aibangbee for Hip Hop and Cristina Mitola for Pilates. The beautiful music of Diego Morga and Enzo Camporeale made the lessons even more enjoyable.

Special recognition must go to those who, through the consistent passion for their job, managed to make this week so enjoyable for all, so to Cheryl Gill, Diane Durant, Margaret Fenn and Catherine Jameson and to the ISTD for their support, thank you all.

Simona Carofiglio, DDI

It was an honour for all of us to personally meet the lecturers, all of whom showed great respect for their pupils, students and teachers alike, as well as having the opportunity of learning from their immense experience.

Each lecturer gave a special mention to those who had distinguished themselves, not for physical skills but for commitment and professionalism in the different genres.

On behalf of all the lecturers and the ISTD, Guy Niblett awarded two scholarships in the name of two very important ladies, pioneers of the growth of ISTD worldwide, June Rycroft (category ‘students’) and Patricia Crail (category ‘teachers’).

For the team of organisers, it must have been hard work setting up an event so grand, but thanks to their dedication, they were able to organise much more than just a summer school. In fact, from the children to the older students, from young teachers to more experienced teachers, all were able to take home a life experience, a wealth of valuable knowledge and also a lesson of unity and cooperation, which turned out to be the winning force of this first summer school in Bari.

A big thank you to the team of organisers and to the wonderful group of lecturers who made this such a memorable event.

Doriana Mastrorilli, scholarship winner ‘teachers’

For the first time, as a teacher of Modern Theatre in Italy, I was tempted to take part in the summer school organised by the ISTD. Being at the ripe old age of 51, I have to admit to having been a little worried of not being physically up to all the lessons, and to maybe feel a little out of place with the other beautifully athletic, young teachers. The lessons were fantastic. Each lecturer gave their all, every single day. We were a mix of Italian, English and Greek teachers of various ages. We helped each other with the language barrier and thoroughly enjoyed the classes. The days were intense, being full of lessons, which was exactly what I had wanted. Our classes began at 9am with an hour of Pilates with Cristina Mitola. I have to confess to never having taken part in a Pilates lesson, but I have promised myself that from now on I will find the time. I managed, with Cristina’s help, to get my body into positions that I thought were part of my past – a wonderful way to begin the day.

Corraine Collins, a charismatic lecturer,  gave us new ideas when working with children in a Ballet class, her way of teaching in such a dynamic and colourful way made it even more interesting. During the week she also taught Advanced 1 Modern Theatre intensely and patiently. Helen Green was our next lecturer. I found her one of the most positive people I have ever met, and my passion for Tap dancing has come back with a bang! Modern Jazz with Carole Moseley was energetic and zippy. I love the ISTD Modern Jazz style and really enjoyed learning the new amalgamations for the Jazz awards.

The lessons on choreography with Tony Parrie were extremely interesting and useful. He is a sensitive and complete teacher, showing how to enter in a deeper way into music and choreography, and his words on teachers never being too old to be able to learn new movements and styles was vital for me.

The Contemporary workshop with Orazio Caiti was a pleasant surprise, I will certainly be trying to use some of his interesting ideas next term. Francesco Osa’s Hip Hop lessons were good fun. An example of what a great team these teachers were, he could be found doing Helen’s Tap class at the back with the children as well!

Guy Niblett, a tireless and dedicated lecturer, taught us some steps in Ballet from a boy’s point of view. Although I do not teach Ballet, obviously pirouettes and leaps are part of Modern as well, so this was helpful for me for when I will be teaching my boys. Although the ever present and meticulous doctor was always at our disposition, I managed to get through the week with just a few aches which did not require her expertise.

The week flew by for me, and I am glad I decided to do it. As a teacher I have found it so useful, and I will definitely be doing it again next year. This ISTD summer school in Bari has given me new energy for the coming year, and has made me make lots of promises which I am adamant to keep! Thank you all so very much.

Angela Jane Burleigh

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