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‘T’ is for Tango

‘T’ is for Tango

5 April 2013

We’ve all had the experience of trying to spell a word out for someone and our mind goes completely blank until we’re left with, “N for....nice?”

So to expand on the existing ‘T’ for Tango and ‘F’ for Foxtrot in the traditional version, we’ve come up with our own phonetic dance alphabet!

Let us know what you think and email marketing@istd.org if there are other dance terms you’d like to see added to the list... 


Phonetic Letter

Dance Letter

A Alpha Argentine Tango
B Bravo Ballet
C Charlie Contemporary
D Delta Disco
E Echo Electro
F Foxtrot Freestyle
G Golf Greek
H Hotel Hip-Hop
I India Irish
J Juliet Jazz
K Kilo Krump
L Lima Latin
M Mike Modern
N November National
O Oscar One-Step
P Papa Popping
Q Quebec Quickstep
R Romeo Rumba
S Sierra Salsa
T Tango Tap
U Uniform Urban
V Victor Voguing
W Whiskey Waltz
X X-ray X-outing
Y Yankee Yerkina
Z Zulu Zumba

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