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World Dance Day

World Dance Day

31 January 2011

On 29th April 2011 dancers and dance enthusiasts worldwide will be celebrating World Dance Day.

RECOGNIZED BY UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) 
The British Dance Council Teachers’ Committee would like to draw your attention to World Dance Day. On 29th April dancers and dance enthusiasts worldwide will be celebrating World
Dance Day. The object of World Dance Day, held on 29th April every year since 1982, is to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance, emphasis being given to addressing
people who do not normally participate in dance events.   
Dance Day events may be special performances, open-door course, public rehearsals,  lectures,
exhibitions, articles in newspapers and magazines, dance evenings, radio and TV programmes,
street/shopping mall shows, tea dances etc.  
The events are primarily organized by dance professionals, dance companies, amateur groups,
schools, associations and institutions active in dance, but anyone interested in publicizing dance and encouraging greater participation can organize their own event. Wherever possible it is advantageous for activities to be organized jointly with a non-dance organization, such as a government agency, public school or business enterprise.
Entrance to the events is usually given free of charge, although some organizers make a small
charge which is given as a donation to charity.  
The British Dance Council Teachers’ Committee hopes that everyone will embrace World Dance
Day and organize a suitable event to introduce the wider public to the wonderful world of Dance.
World Dance Day is promoted by the International Dance Council in conjunction with UNESCO.
For more information: www.cid-unesco.org

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