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Online Member Meetings

Online Member Meetings

1 May 2020

Feedback from our inaugural online member meeting and details on our second session

On Wednesday 29 April we held our inaugural Online Members’ Meeting via Zoom. 25 members from across the UK and Malta logged in to share their experiences, advice and ask questions about teaching online.

Host Ginny Brown was joined by Ruth Davis, Teacher and Examiner to share top tips on teaching and engaging with students in an online classroom. We learnt that there have been many different approaches to going online, with some schools hosting classes within 24 hours, and others taking a bit more time, launching classes over the Easter Holidays.

Members were keen to ask one another about how long classes should be, were they charging for classes, and how do you play music through the streaming platforms?


Class length: Classes ranged from 30 minutes to 1hr15. The advice was that everything takes a little longer online. You need to account for the students saying hello, taking the register, making sure everyone has a clear and safe space to move in.

Charging: There was a real mix from our members who attended, with some providing a full class programme and charging 100% of fees, while others providing the classes for free. Majority of members seemed to have a reduction of about 40% of fees.

Music: Playing music through platforms like Zoom can cause a lag or delay. There are tactics that you can employ to improve this – including making sure your settings are adjusted to disable background noise and turn on “original sound”. Some members have found playing music on a separate sound system not through the computer helps.

If you were unable to make this online members meeting, join Ginny and Ruth alongside other members to discuss these issues and more on Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Register your interest online today.


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