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Ruby Ginner Awards 2012

Ruby Ginner Awards 2012

16 December 2012

Carol Vasko reviews the exciting events from Sunday 4th November

The 2012 Ruby Ginner Awards took place at the Hawthorne Theatre at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City. This annual competition is always a varied, exciting event and this year was no exception.

The Ruby Ginner Awards are an excellent test of a Classical Greek dancer’s training, as they challenge all elements of each dancer. All competitors take part in a class based on the examination grade they are currently studying. The class tests the dancer’s ability to learn and perform unset sequences quickly with technical accuracy. Depending on the class level, dancers will be expected to show a varied selection of styles and movement qualities – all designed to show expressive and dramatic abilities. Expressive skills are further developed in the Nature Study section and Musicality tested in the Interpretation section. Finally, the competitors show an Examination Set Sequence of their choice – this being the only part of the class that can be fully prepared before the day. Teachers for the day were Sarah-Jayne Blackwell, Charlotte Morell and Carol Vasko. Pianists were Pat Linehan and John Hoskins.


The range of skills required to become a secure Classical Greek dancer is really rather extensive, and as such, so many things need to be considered by the adjudicator of this competition. This year, the task belonged to Drusilla Duffill. An Adjudicator and Examiner with many years of experience, Miss Duffill offered encouragement and advice to all classes and we extend our thanks to her for a job well done.

Ruby-Ginner-Ginner-Skip Ruby-Ginner-Leg-Raising

Ultimately, the day proved that Classical Greek Dance does continue to go from strength to strength. Those in the ‘know’ are already aware of the benefit that studying this technique brings. Our work is so useful in developing strength, control and above all, versatility and dramatic expression. As a faculty, we may be small, but we are certainly helping to produce well-rounded, efficient performers who understand quality of movement and the need to be versatile.

Finally, many thanks to Penny Childs for her excellent organisation of this event. A special mention also to Sophie Cox for her wonderful photos (which can be viewed on her website www.sophiecoxphotography.com).

“The Ruby Ginner Awards are an excellent test of a Classical Greek dancer’s training, as they challenge all elements of each dancer”

Ruby-Ginner-Face Ruby-Ginner-Firghtened

Lastly, to all of you wonderful ‘pixies’ who turn up and do the jobs we ask of you. You know who you are and we thank you most sincerely – we really could not function without you. You are all stars!

Carol Vasko

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