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Salsa - New Beginnings

Salsa - New Beginnings

19 June 2013

New Student Teacher and Professional Associate LA Salsa qualification

Sunday 17th March 2013 was an extremely exciting day for the Club Dance Faculty Committee. After five years of hard work, we proudly launched the ISTD Student Teacher and Professional Associate LA Salsa qualifications. 

Both examinations will be available from September 2013. 

Teachers who enter candidates for Medal Test examinations are encouraged to use the new work from this date. As of January 2014, it will become compulsory and the old Salsa syllabus will become obsolete. 

The study book and charts for LA Salsa are now available to buy from the ISTD shop. The syllabi for Cuban, New York, Puerto Rican and Columbian styles will follow shortly. 

The Faculty believes that it has created the most comprehensive and complete Salsa syllabus to date, as included are the five main styles currently being danced, performed and taught around the world. Both Professional and Amateur examinations may be taken in any style of your choice. We have taken advice and guidance from the most respected Salsa teachers and performers from around the world – Susana Montero, Eddie Torres and Ian Postle, to name but a few. 

The syllabus will cover all aspects of Salsa music and dance whilst delivering authentic and creative techniques that will be appropriate for both club and studio settings. 

The study book is a revelation in itself as it contains copies every Salsa teacher should know, including the history of Salsa, styles of music, leading and following techniques, timing and musicality, plus essential guidance on legal requirements, music licences and professional etiquette. 

This is the examination that the Salsa world has been waiting for! 

For further information, please contact the Club Dance Faculty Secretary, by email at harriet.walmesley@btinternet.com

Please note: the Student Teacher examination is an optional examination and is the first rung on the professional ladder. It is not a teaching qualification. The Associate examination is a professional teaching qualification accredited by the ISTD.

Charles Richman

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