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Sequence Medallist Competition

Sequence Medallist Competition

22 March 2013

Sunday 2nd December in Bournemouth

On Sunday 2nd December, the second Sequence Medallist Competition (Bournemouth) was held at the Hotel Piccadilly.  The event was both organised and hosted by Terry Hunt and Barbara Harvey with an excellent selection of music provided by Nigel Bradshaw. The adjudicator for the day was Ms. Lynsey Hay.

Competitions were divided into age and grade categories for both solo and couples in Classical, Ballroom and Latin American Sequence. Although this was not a Blackpool Qualifier event, couples had the opportunity to participate in an additional 3-dance event.

The day was well attended with adult entries in particular up on last year. Once again the emphasis was on fun, with schools encouraging and supporting each other. Pupils from different schools partnered each other in the couples categories and the teachers assisted each other in partnering for the solo events. Highlights of the day were the Under-8 entries and the Adult and Child Latin Sequence where a few mums and dads had obviously been training hard!

A fantastic day which we look forward to repeating in December 2013.

Louise Sampson

All photos © RJ Whetton.co.uk

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