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Tap Dance - Syllabus Notes

Tap Dance - Syllabus Notes

22 April 2020

Updates from the Tap Dance Faculty.

Hear from our Tap Dance Faculty regarding various syllabus notices

We recently filmed the Grade 6 DVD, which now also includes the new Alternative Unaccompanied Sequence that can be examined from September 2020. The Sequence will be taught at teacher training courses, keep an eye out for these and be among the first to learn it!

Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Tap examination candidates are meant to know the vocabulary from the revised Intermediate Tap syllabus.

Clarification of Free Time Steps in Advanced 1 Tap:

  • Shuffle Time Steps only. Singles, doubles, triples – time steps, breaks and first half or second half of breaks 
  • Breaks (or time steps) can be straight or turning
  • With a pick-up on one foot
  • With a pick-up change
  • Starting on 8 or starting on 1
  • With a tacit or with missed beats
  • The rhythm of the time step can be changed but not the time signature
  • Syncopation could be added in different ways

Teachers are allowed to mix tracks from both the recommended Grade 4 playlists in their private sessions. Are your playlists up-to-date? If you are not sure, please contact the Tap Faculty Coordinator at tap@istd.org

Jason Di Mascio 

Head of Faculty Development for Tap Dance.

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