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Teachers’ Corner

Teachers’ Corner

23 September 2014

A recent update to the Intermediate Modern Examination

The following revisions to the Intermediate Modern Examination will be optional from September 2014 and compulsory from January 2015. These are minor revisions which will allow teachers to use more free music. 

• Two minute warm-up set by the teacher to free music using suitable components for a warm-up. 

• Forward stretch – restore the original concept of rounding and extending the spine, ie less contraction in the base of the spine and more movement throughout the spine (mobilise and strengthen). 

• Side stretch – adjust the supporting leg into parallel for the circular body swing. 

• Figure of eight leg swing at the barre – degagé at start should be in parallel 2nd, supporting foot in natural turn out, hand on the hip can be with/without thumb forward, use of head optional on 3rd repeat with demi plié. 

• Isolations A remain as set. B remains unset and teachers may choose to use an eight-bar phrase with free music, one side only. 

• Blues arms – teachers may choose to use free music, crotchet = 66. 

• Rhythm – already optional free music for teachers, examiners can use the free or set music. 

• Pirouettes – counting needs consolidating at end of both pirouettes. Candidates performing a double pirouette at low level should step forward out of the pirouette on 6, spring dig, & 7, head isolation & 8. Following the double high pirouette step forward on 7, spring dig, to change feet, & 8. The double pirouette at low level is optional; the double at high level now becomes compulsory. 

• Foot warm-up – free music, can be free arrangement, 16 bars in total, can be 8 bars repeated, crotchet = 105. 

• Leaps – free music, male candidates can now choose to dance either the leaps on diagonal or the elevated turns. 

Sarah Wilson

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