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The Junior Ballet Awards 2017

The Junior Ballet Awards 2017

30 December 2017

A review and results from the Imperial Classical Ballet Faculty’s superb Awards

Huge congratulations must go to everyone involved in this year’s Junior Ballet Awards held at The Venue in Milton Keynes on 29th October.

Upon arrival I was greeted by our Co-ordinator Julia Beattie who, as always, makes you feel welcome, and an electric atmosphere in the foyer, filled with excited children and parents. As I went backstage to help with the Grade 1 class, I was amazed to see the way in which the large team of examiners and student helpers organised the children in a calm and friendly way, ensuring that everyone knew exactly what was required of them, preparing the children to be able to dance and give of their best. Special thanks go to Lisa Aldridge, Ruth Davies, Sadie Morgan, Beverley Rand, Helen Steggles and Donald Vleugels.

The afternoon session saw the Grade 2 classes and I was privileged to be one of the Faculty to adjudicate this group. As in the morning there were three classes and then the final with about 60 children in each of the grades. Joanne Evans and Alison Avis taught their beautiful classes calmly to put the candidates at their ease and the overall standard was excellent. The teachers and parents should be very pleased and proud of the achievements of the children.

Well done to Jackie Styles who stage-managed the whole day, for the first time, to Vivienne Saxton our Faculty Chair and to all in the Imperial Classical Ballet Faculty.

Janet Marshall


Grade1/Class Exam 1

Lauren Brown, Adagio School of Dance

Isabelle Soars, Expressions Theatre Arts
Lucy Wyatt, Adagio School of Dance
Logan James, Junior Masters Performing Arts

Nimeesha Abraham, Expressions Theatre Arts

Nimeesha Abrahams, Expressions Theatre Arts

Grade 2/Class Exam 2

Ruben Garcia, South London Dance School 

Isobel Francis Richardson, Angela Allport Performing Arts

Denis Teixeira, Janet Lomas School of Dancing


Elizabeth Keane, Adagio School of Dance
Emily Teixeira, Janet Lomas School of Dancing


Boys’ Cup
Ruben Garcia, South London Dance School


Grade 1 Heats: Ruth Davies, Lisa Aldridge, Fleur Jones

Grade 1 Finals: Lisa Aldridge, Guy Niblett, Madeleine Jacques

Grade 2 Heats: Guy Niblett, Madeleine Jacques, Janet Marshall

Grade 2 Finals: Janet Marshall, Fleur Jones, Beverley Ran

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