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Theatre Faculties' Congress 2012 Review

Theatre Faculties' Congress 2012 Review

17 December 2012

A day of excellence unfolded on 14th October, at the D.@rt Centre and Wildern School, Southampton

As usual, the Theatre Faculties’ Congress was an exciting day, celebrating the diversity and excellence of the ISTD. Teachers were spoilt for choice with the interesting and informative lectures on offer throughout the day, which finished with a stunning showcase by young students whose professionalism and talent enchanted the audience.

As well as lectures and classes given by the individual faculties, one of the highlights of the day was the Contemporary class, taken by Anne Donnelly with Linda Gibbs. Anne’s love and knowledge of the technique of Robert Cohan was imparted to the dancers with such enthusiasm and care that even those who had never studied Contemporary dance were able to experience this style, developing their understanding throughout, especially with Linda’s thoughtful, individual guidance.

Teachers were given an insight into the principles that underpin the movements and all were inspired by the music provided by Jacob Shirley, which ranged from percussion to electric cello, always reflecting and enhancing the quality of the movement. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully all who were present will remember one of Anne’s gems: ”You have to feel where the movement comes from.”

Jill Knight

Theatre Faculties 2012 review 462 - photos

Theatre Faculties 2012 review 462 - photos2

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