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Free Online CPD Course - What is Biomechanics?

Free Online CPD Course - What is Biomechanics?

30 August 2018

Learn the basics of biomechanics and in your own time with this online CPD course, led by the founder of Dance Knowledge Luke Hopper.

Want to learn more about dance science and biomechanics but never found the time? Dance Knowledge, an online, on-demand CPD resource, is currently running a 'What is biomechanics?' course for FREE.

Dancers, students, and teachers alike can gain access to the entire course content including a certificate of completion for two hours time valued Royal Academy of Dance endorsed CPD.

This online course, led by Dance Knowledge founder Luke Hopper, will provide you with foundation knowledge of biomechanics as a stepping stone towards the more advanced biomechanics courses on Dance Knowledge.

Course aims

  • Introduce the field of biomechanics as it relates to dance
  • Provide an introduction to Newton's Laws of motion
  • Draw examples of how Newton's Laws of motion apply to dance

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise how the concepts of mass and force apply to a dancer's body
  • Interpret Newton's laws of physics in the context of dance movements
  • Analyse dance movements considering how the laws of physics affect dance movements
Learn more about this course and how to enrol via the Dance Knowledge website.
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