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Yvonne Taylor-Hill Hands Over the Keys

Yvonne Taylor-Hill Hands Over the Keys

29 December 2017

Reflecting on a wonderful time

After being part of the Disco/Freestyle/Rock ‘n’ Roll Faculty since its conception and Chair for 21 years, I decided in this election year, it was time to hand over the helm of what I had affectionately named the Titanic. It was so called because the Faculty was the biggest under the Dancesport Faculties’ Board, carrying a cargo of four genres – Freestyle, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country Western and Street Dance. 

On reflection, it has been a wonderful time in my dancing career. As a young student, I always loved debating, so standing for a committee would provide an opportunity for harmonious discussion with like-minded, dedicated colleagues to find a solution or compromise. Sometimes the debate would be feisty but always pleasurable especially when the outcome would benefit our very loyal membership – to be involved with the future of both dance and the Society was a challenging way forward. 

While Chair I was fortunate to serve on ISTD Council and the Benevolent Fund Committee as well as many other sub-committees. How lucky was I to be mentored by Elizabeth Romain, who I trained, coached and assisted for many years, as well as Peggy Spencer, Anne Lingard, Sydney Francis and the lovely Joyce Percy.

I can say (without being pretentious) that I am so proud of everything the DFR Faculty Committee has achieved under my watch. This could only have been achieved through teamwork and spirit from the crew, an excellent Faculty Secretary and Co-ordinator and dedicated Vice-Chairs, especially Paul Streatfield who has been a marvellous friend, giving me huge support and advice during calm, turbulent and sad times.

On reflection – what fond memories do I leave with? Leaving a legacy – that through my Slow Dance lectures, Slow Dance became compulsory within the syllabus, of formulating professional syllabi and of course the grades and Intermediate syllabus, all endorsing the foundations of secure technique about which I am so passionate, our 25th anniversary celebrations and by no means least – the banner parades at Grand Finals which never cease to bring on a tear and a gasp of breath.

In closing, huge thanks to you all for your lovely words, messages, cards and gifts. It is wonderful to feel so appreciated and my late husband Peter would be so chuffed and proud of me. I am not retiring. I am still teaching full time and examining, which I love. The Dancesport Faculties’ Board know that the ISTD ‘runs through my veins’. I am merely taking the opportunity and time to ‘smell the roses’, or should I say, my very large garden. I am only a phone call or email away. Through the love of dance, I look forward to seeing you at many events in the coming years. 

Yvonne Taylor-Hill 

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