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Tap Syllabus Notices

Requirements for the Free Time step Section in Advanced 1 Tap

The Tap Faculty would like to clarify the requirements for the Free Time step Section in Advanced 1 Tap

The Time Step section content refers to shuffle time steps and breaks only (and not the pick-up time step – nor the wing nor roll time steps).  

Content is as follows:-

  • Shuffle Time Steps only.  Singles, doubles, triples - time steps and breaks.
  • Half breaks (first half or second half - i.e. Single would be shuffle hop spring shuffle step for the first half.  Shuffle step shuffle ball change for the second half).
  • Breaks (or time steps) can be straight or turning.
  • Starting on 8 or starting on 1.
  • With tacit (of a complete time step i.e. 4 counts; or of missed beats - just 1 beat. or of 2 or 3 beats).
  • The pick-ups referred to are pick-up on one foot or pick-up change and will be used as follows in any time step:- 
  • A pick-up on one foot instead of a hop.
  • A pick-up change instead of a spring.
  • The rhythm of the time step can be changed by the examiner.  It can include absolutely any rhythm with or without missed beats.
  • Syncopation could be done in many ways.  One possibility is - one single time step to the counts of 8&1& (-) &3& - or alternatively 1&2&(3)&4& The count in brackets refers to a missed beat.