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Updated Guidance for Exams in the UK

As a response to the recent COVID-19 guidance provided by the governments across the UK, we are providing more detailed information about the dance classes and examinations for these scenarios.

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Updated Guidance for International Exams

As a response to international COVID guidance, we are providing more detailed information about the dance classes and examinations for these scenarios.

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Candidates Self-Isolating

Teachers who have submitted timetables and payments for examinations and have received notice that candidate/s must self-isolate are requested to contact for the timetable to be amended. 

Please note that if a substantial number of students are withdrawn and the examiner is travelling to the exam venue, you may be required to hold the session remotely. 

Teachers may apply for a 50% refund for candidates who are required to self-isolate. Alternatively, we can transfer the exam fees to a new remote exam session for your candidate/s on a later date, or to your next exam session. All applications must be made on Quest.

Exam applications

Please state in the Teachers Notes box on your Quest application if you are requesting a remote or traditional exam session. We currently have a reduced pool of examiners who can travel to examine.  If you have requested a traditional examination session and we cannot allocate an examiner, we will contact you to give you the option of holding the examinations remotely.

There is no minimum daily fee for remote examinations, please contact to remove any excess charges before submitting payment. 

Whilst teachers and learners are getting back to normal or in the case your learners miss an exam session because they are self-isolating, we would like to remind you that there is no minimum daily fee for remote examinations. You can therefore enter as many or few learners for remote examinations. Please contact to remove any excess charges before submitting payment.

Minimum daily fees apply for traditional examinations.

Remote examinations

We have received positive feedback from teachers who have held remote sessions and will continue to offer this exam format as an option for members. This is especially helpful for teachers who have smaller numbers of candidates, or limited space at their venues to accommodate candidates and examiners whilst maintaining social distancing.

When applying for a remote exam session, we kindly ask that you avoid weekends in our peak exam periods and provide preferred and alternative exam dates.

Setting up Remote Examinations

We have developed a platform that enables you to make video recordings using the camera on your device. The key benefits of this solution are the flexibility around the timing of the examination, the quick upload times of the recordings and that you are not required to store these large files on your electronic device or folders.

If you are interested in remote examinations, please contact the relevant Examinations Department and they will be able to provide you with more information and support in using the platform. Regarding the international examinations specifically, the International Examinations team will be in contact with you directly about your exam periods.