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Important update

When running examinations at venues, we recommend that teachers ensure that face coverings are worn in all areas except for the examination room by teachers, staff, parents and candidates at the age of 11 and above. To further enhance the safety of all participants during the exam day, we also recommend that teachers, staff, parents and candidates at the age of 11 and above, take a Lateral Flow Test either the day before or on the day of the examination.

We would also kindly remind teachers to ensure that they have carried out the required risk assessments for their exam venues. As part of this activity, you are reminded to set the examining desk at least two metres away from candidates and to have minimal contact with the examiner on the day. Furthermore, please ensure that you are following the guidance around good hygiene practices during the exam session and that the venue is well-ventilated. Please also contact your examiner to ask if they prefer to bring their own lunch and drinks.



With educational settings open and examinations being permitted in England, we will be continuing the conduct traditional examinations where possible. However, please be aware that due to the uncertainty around the pandemic, there may be last-minute changes to examination sessions depending on the next governmental update or if the examiner is unable to travel due to COVID concerns. 

We continue to follow government guidance in England permitting supervised children’s activities by education establishment as detailed for out-of-school settings and Sports facilities.

Teachers who are unable to meet the minimum daily fee requirements to book a traditional examination session have the option of remote examinations These have the advantage of taking place at the teacher’s venue, on their chosen date, with no minimum fees. Alternatively, you may join one of our London or Regional Centre exam sessions.

We understand the difficulties imposed by Covid-19 and we will continue to keep our members informed of any developments. Please contact with any UK exam enquiries and for support to hold a remote exam session.

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

The government in Scotland recommend working from home where possible and to take lateral flow tests before meeting with others. In Wales, crowds are able to return to sports fixtures and the capacity limit on outdoor events have been dropped. In Northern Ireland, restrictions are continually being reviewed and lifted.

Channel Islands

Dance classes and examinations are permitted with the required risk assessment and public health measures in place. Please ensure that your local authority permits the opening of your setting and the activity can take place.

We continue to follow government guidance in Jersey and Guernsey permitting extracurricular and group activities for children by education establishments, as detailed online here and here.