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Please note that the guidance below is for those in England. Different guidance is in place in Northern IrelandScotland and Wales.

Face coverings

We recommend that face coverings should be worn in classrooms or during indoor activities by adults and children aged 11 and above. This does not apply in situations where wearing a face covering would impact the ability to take part in exercise or strenuous activity, for example during sport and will be a temporary measure. You can find more information in this document

Please note that there is no legal requirement to wear a face-covering in England. Large venues and events will no longer be required by law to check visitors’ NHS Covid Pass, and face coverings will no longer be advised for staff and pupils in communal areas of primary and secondary schools.

Local Directors of Public Health will be able to recommend the use of face coverings in places where there are outbreaks or where the public health situation justifies it with sign-off from the Education Secretary.

NHS Covid-19 app and QR codes

Businesses in England are no longer required by law to collect and retain staff, customer and visitor information and display the official NHS QR code poster.

Although it is no longer a legal requirement, it is still encouraged. This is due to the higher risk of transmitting COVID-19 in premises where students (18+) spend a long time in one place and potentially come into close contact with other people outside of their household.

Who is this relevant to? 

A full list of organisations within the scope in these sectors can be found on the government website here and here.

These venues include:

  • Indoor sport and leisure centres, including gyms
  • Community centres, libraries and village halls.

Other resources

QR code support telephone: 0800 540 4900
Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

Click here to create or download a COVID-19 NHS QR code for your venue.

Useful risk assessment documents for those in the UK

To help you prepare for any risks in the workplace, we’ve created some support documents which provide an overview of some of the health and safety and operational issues you will have to consider.