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  1. Star Tap Reshuffled

    Star Tap Reshuffled

    28 Jun
    Reports from an inspirational day of workshops and awards
  2. Tap Faculty Notices

    Tap Faculty Notices

    20 Jun
    Grade 4, Tap Grade DVDs and Brenda Naylor
  3. Finding Inspiration In Teaching

    Finding Inspiration In Teaching

    16 Jun
    The second in a series of articles featuring ISTD members who have found fresh inspiration for their teaching through research. Mary Grigg tells us her experience.

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  1. Applications are open for Next Choreography 2016/17

    Applications are open for Next Choreography 2016/17

    24 Jun
    Next Choreography is a yearlong programme by Siobhan Davies Dance for 14 -21 year olds keen to learn about choreographic processes used across artistic disciplines.
  2. PRS for Music

    PRS for Music

    24 Jun
    Update on Education Exemptions within Dance Schools

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