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International Examinations

The ISTD's International Examinations Officers take candidate registrations in over 40 countries yearly.

We are happy to assist with the entry process or any other examinations related queries you might have. The sections below provide information on examinations dates and contact details of International Examination Officers for each country.

International Theatre Examination Dates International Dancesport Examinations International Examination Documents


Syllabi - Reminders

Modern Theatre: Revised Advanced 1
The revised Advanced 1 Modern Syllabus is now compulsory throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. Teachers can no longer present students using the old syllabus. 

Tap Dance: Grade 5 Syllabus
The new Grade 5 syllabus will be examined from 1st May 2014 and will be compulsory worldwide, from 1st September 2015. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about International Examinations, the International Examinations Department will be happy to help.