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International Examinations

The ISTD's International Examinations Officers take candidate registrations in over 40 countries yearly.

We are happy to assist with the entry process or any other examinations related queries you might have. The sections below provide information on examinations dates and contact details of International Examination Officers for each country.

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As of 1st January  2019 , the Fellowship exams for international candidates in all Theatre Dance Faculties will be hosted throughout the year in the UK at a London Examinations Centre.

In order to recognise and support our international Fellowship candidates, ISTD will be able to provide financial assistance by covering the cost of a return flight (including 1 piece of luggage) between the candidate’s nearest airport and any London airport. This financial assistance is applicable to the first exam and one re-sit if required.

The Members interested in taking the Fellowship exam will need to download the relevant application form from here and submit it to the UK Examinations department by the relevant closing date.  The examination fees can be found on the form. The UK exam dates for Fellowship exams and contact details can be found here.

Once an examination date has been agreed with the UK Examinations department, the International Examinations department will contact the candidate to arrange a return flight. For those candidates requiring a visa, ISTD will be able to provide the necessary supportive documentation. However, the flights can only be arranged once a visa has been obtained by the candidate. You can find further information on whether a visa is required here.   

The other costs incurred during this visit for the Fellowship examination; such as any accommodation required, expenses and visa application; will need to be covered by the candidate.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any questions about International Examinations, the International Examinations Department will be happy to help.