This qualification builds on the skills gained in the Associate and gives dance teachers further insight into the teaching of dance in their chosen genre. The examination consists of a teaching assessment class during which you will be assessed on your knowledge of the syllabus as well as your teaching ability.


You must be 21 or above, hold the Associate qualification in the relevant genre, and fulfil any other conditions of entry specified in the syllabus outline.


If you feel this is the right route for you, you will need to contact a teacher qualified by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in the correct genre, who lives in your area and will prepare and train you for the examination.

Find a dance teacher in your area

Progressing your journey

Successful completion of the Associate Diploma will mean you are able to apply for our Full Membership. This will enable you to enter students for examinations and benefit from our full membership package.  

You can also start to consider the next steps of your teaching journey by training for the higher teaching qualifications.

To Apply

Please contact the team on


Syllabus Outlines

Our syllabi are created by internationally renowned teachers and dancers and are used to train dancers. Teachers are encouraged to keep up-to-date with the latest syllabi. This can be done through our many courses, summer schools and congresses as well as our syllabus products – books, DVDs, CDs and syllabus outlines.

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