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Sequence dancing consists of Classical Sequence (formerly known as Old Time), Modern (Ballroom) Sequence and Latin Sequence. It is probably the most popular form of social dance today, as Sequence Clubs are to be found in nearly every village and town. Two of the great attractions of this form of dance as a pastime are the friendly atmosphere which prevails and its appeal to all age groups.


History of Sequence Dance

The Sequence Faculty was formed in 1947 as the Victorian and Sequence Branch. Its aim was to encourage the dances which were popular prior to the First World War and which are now generally referred to as Old Time dances.

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Sequence exams and qualifications

An increasing number of schools now include sequence on their examination days. A broad and comprehensive series of examinations caters for all ages and grades of the amateur sequence dancer. Three styles of sequence dance are covered by the syllabus: Classical Sequence, Modern Sequence and Latin Sequence. Professional examinations, for those who wish to teach, commence at the Student Teacher level and progress through Associate and Licentiate to Fellow. These examinations require a detailed knowledge of Classical Sequence technique and good dancing ability.

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Annual Events

The Faculty Committee arranges an annual Medallist Festival of sequence competitions in all styles for all ages. Medallist competitions are organised for adults and children and the popularity of these events has showna most encouraging growth in the past few years. In addition, the Faculty holds an Inventive Dance competition on behalf of the Society, open to all professional societies encouraging top-quality dances to the sequence community.



Box Dance

Our Dancesport Faculties are delighted to launch a new, dynamic campaign to make sure you and your students can keep dancing in a socially distanced world. We’re encouraging you to think inside the box and get creative!

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Sequence Faculty Committee

Our Faculty Committees are the vital link between the members of the Society and the staff and trustees, and provide a two-way channel for communication and consultation with the wider membership body.

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