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The Faculty committees provide a two-way channel for communication and consultation with the wider membership body. Each dance faculty committee is elected by the eligible full-teaching and life members of their faculty.

Faculty Committee members generously give their time and expertise voluntarily to attend regular meetings with the Head of Faculty Development for their genre and attend cross-genre working groups. The committee and the Head of Faculty Development work together to represent the views and expertise of members in the development of syllabi and examination work. They also oversee a wide range of competitions, events, and courses to meet the needs of teachers and students. 

Serving on a Faculty Committee is a satisfying way to contribute to the nurture and growth of your faculty. If you are interested in standing for election and would like to find out more about what’s involved please contact your Head of Faculty Development who can put you in touch with a current committee member for an informal chat. Elections take place every three years and the dates of the next faculty elections are:  

2021 Modern Ballroom, Classical Greek Dance, Modern Theatre, Tap
2022 National Dance, Latin American, Imperial Classical Ballet
2023 Cecchetti Classical Ballet, Disco Freestyle and Rock 'n' Roll, Sequence Dance


Theatre Faculty Committees

Cecchetti Classical Ballet

Head of Faculty Development: Philippa McMeechan 
Committee Members: Julie Cronshaw, Lisa Hunter, Gillian Hurst, Alison Jenner, Tracey Moss, Shirley-Anne Osborne, Sarah Wells

Classical Greek Dance

Head of Faculty Development: Pippa Cobbing
Committee Members:  Classical Greek Dance: Philippa Broadway, Lucy Pohl, Alison Seddon, Fiona Sheehan, Amanda Wilkins

Classical Indian Dance

Head of Faculty Development: Lisa Harrison-Jones

Committee Members: Sujata Banerjee, Chitraleka Bolar, Pushkala Gopal, Nina Rajarani, Kiran Ratna, Swati Raut, Urja Thakore   

Imperial Classical Ballet

Head of Faculty Development: Pippa Cobbing
Committee Members: Ruth Davies, Irela Strachan, Jackie Styles, Lorraine Swain, Tracey Warner, Donald Vleugels, James Butcher

Modern Theatre

Head of Faculty Development: Lisa Harrison-Jones
Committee Members: Ruth Armstrong, André Koschyk, Valerie Jones, Penny Meekings, Sadie Morgan, Elizabeth Reeves, Lyn Richardson

National Dance

Head of Faculty Development: Pippa Cobbing
Committee Members: Heather Burns, Cathi Conroy-Jones, Anuschka Roes, Barbara Simon/Leake, Jayne Wing, Tanya Allen


Head of Faculty Development: Jason Di Mascio
Committee Members: Andrea Ashton, Antonio Barone, Andrew Hindley, Jackie Hutt,  Aaron Lissimore, Carole Moseley

Dancesport Faculty Committees

Modern Ballroom

Head of Faculty Development: Malcolm Hill
Committee Members: Richard Miles. Warren Boyce. Teresa Jay. Claire Still. Stephen Arnold, Nicholas Jury

Disco, Freestyle and Rock 'n' Roll

Head of Faculty Development:  Amanda Tapp
Committee Members: Michelle Arnell, Joanna Bevan, Gail Henry, Maria Howse, Nigel Kirk, Jonathan Reed, Paul Streatfield   

Latin American

Head of Faculty Development:  Malcolm Hill
Committee Members: Joanne Blackshaw, Paul Fennell, Bruce Lait, John Partington, Michelle Postlethwaite, Charles Richman, Richard Still


Head of Faculty Development:  Malcolm Hill
Committee Members: Louise Aldred, Robert Aldred, Alexandra Costi, Louise Sampson  

Street Dance

Head of Faculty Development: Amanda Tapp
Our Street Dance genre is looked after by our dedicated DFR committee. 


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The Society represents a truly diverse range of dance, with 11 faculties that cover many forms of theatrical, recreational and social dance.

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