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Allowing for freedom of expression and musical interpretation, the DFR faculty represent some of the most modern genres: Disco / Freestyle, Rock n Roll, Country and Western and Street Dance.

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History of the DFR Faculty

The Disco/Freestyle/Rock n Roll Faculty is one of the newest of the Society’s faculties and was formed in 1988. Peggy Spencer MBE, Sydney Francis and Anne Lingard were responsible for steering the Faculty through its early development.

The aims of the faculty are to create a sound and safe technique for Disco/Freestyle, Rock n Roll and Country and Western Dance while understanding the need to allow freedom of expression musical interpretation, as well as to educate teachers that dance within this Faculty of its ever-changing art form. Modern music trends and different cultures will always provide new challenges and material to introduce to our teachers and dancers.

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Events and activities

The DFR faculty host a number of competitions and events from the annual congress 'Dance Exchange' to medalist competitions and the flagship Imperial Championships.


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DFR Examinations and Qualifications

The basis of an excellent technique has helped to create a challenging examination system. Amateur Medal Tests follow the same structure as all the examinations within the Dancesport Faculties. Every age and standard is catered for, from the colourful Under 6 and Under 8 Rosettes through the medal system to the Peggy Spencer Dance Award and the Rock n Roll Shield. Professional examinations may be commenced at Student Teacher through to Fellowship. At all levels, teachers are required to have a good knowledge of the anatomy and mechanics of the body with an understanding of dance preparations and techniques.



DFR Syllabus

Download the DFR syllabus outline.


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DFR Faculty Committee

Our Faculty Committees are the vital link between the members of the Society and the staff and trustees and provide a two-way channel for communication and consultation with the wider membership body.

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