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Why a career in dance teaching?

Dance teaching is a creative and stimulating profession that makes for a rewarding career. It brings together the many benefits of dance, both physical and mental, strengthening the body, developing coordination and rhythm and building your confidence and self-assurance. These benefits combined with the many joys of teaching, allow you to make a positive impact in your community by sharing your love of dance with others.

At the Society, we support your teaching journey at every stage; from a student studying vocational exams through to initial and higher teaching qualifications and beyond. We want our dance teachers to pass on their knowledge and passion to others, to lead the way by becoming our future lecturers, trainers, and examiners.

Whether you want to train in Theatre Dance or Dancesport genres, in the classroom or remotely; as a teacher, adjudicator, examiner, tutor, principal choreographer or professional dancer, our portfolio of qualifications covers both Ofqual regulated and non-regulated routes, with tailor-made options to suit all ambitions and individual career journeys.

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Teaching Qualifications


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A lifelong career

Dance offers a range of career routes with an abundance of opportunities within the arts. From theatre to film, popular music and choreography to television, there are a huge variety of roles within the industry that allow you to follow your dance aspirations, whatever they may be.


Pathways to progression

Our broad syllabi have formed the basis of training for many of those performing in the sector. Each syllabus offers technical training and artistic performance qualities that enable a dancer to be strong, showing interpretation and dance quality. They give teachers progressive specifications to train children and students within a range of versatile genres that develop creativity and outstanding technique. We take pride in equipping our teachers with the knowledge and skills to be confident, independent, safe practitioners.

Initial Teaching Qualifications        Higher Teaching Qualifications

Your journey through dance

Being an ISTD qualified teacher is considered a mark of quality and enables teachers to travel across the globe to teach in different locations. Each level of teaching qualifications not only increases skills, knowledge and experience but also enables you to build upon your career opportunities and network. A wide range of Society Examiners and Lecturers work at vocational schools, conservatoires and colleges and train and mentor professional dancers for industry and beyond.

You can teach dance within schools as a salaried member of staff or freelance specialist. There are also opportunities within your local community, either with devised freelance projects or local arts organisations.

Teaching dance is an accessible and rewarding profession for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re choosing teaching as your first job or looking to change career, download our prospectus today to see which course is right for you.


"The DDP gave me the tools to share my in depth knowledge from a life as a professional ballet dancer and effectively pass this on to my own students"


Principal, Birmingham Royal Ballet


Progressing your membership alongside your studies

Our membership levels have been designed with your development in mind, giving you access to courses and training that will help you reach the next stage in your teaching career.

Your membership level is aligned with the current qualifications you hold. As you progress to the next step in your professional qualification, you become eligible to access your next membership level, unlocking a host of new benefits to support you at your next stage.

With access to exclusive webinars, tips, and resources to help you make the most out of your current membership, we’re here to support you at every level, and guide you to your next step, whatever that may be.

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