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Information for ADCs on CASS

With the introduction of the Centre Assessment Standards Scrutiny (CASS) by the regulators, we are required to enhance our regulatory arrangements around Centres and assessment decisions made by Centres where applicable.

We are planning to implement changes from 1 September 2021. An overview and timeline for these changes (outlined below) have been sent to each ADC, along with documentation to support you with these new arrangements.

Our key objective is to provide additional guidance to you to support your delivery of our teaching qualifications and to improve our administrative processes.
The main document capturing the key information about our teaching qualifications:

  • Download DDE Specification here [LINK]
  • Download DDP Specification here [LINK]

Enhanced regulatory arrangements available from 1 September

Updated Centre Agreement - A more detailed terms and references between the Society and the ADCs.

Approved Dance Centre Handbook

We are responding to the demand from our ADCs – this document provides essential guidance on Centre approval and the planning and implementation of programme delivery and assessments with information on Centre requirements and responsibilities.

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Our Approved Dance Centres

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