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Important Coronavirus updates

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Candidates self-isolating

Teachers who have submitted timetables and payments for examinations and have received notice that candidates/s must self-isolate are requested to contact for the timetable to be amended. 

Please note that if a substantial number of students are withdrawn and the examiner is travelling to the exam venue, you may be required to hold the session remotely. 

Teachers may apply for a 50% refund for candidates who are required to self-isolate. Alternatively, we can transfer the exam fees to a new remote exam session for your candidate/s on a later date, or to your next exam session. All applications must be made on Quest. 

Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of candidates who are self-isolating, and we may not be able to offer you a new exam session on our busiest dates.


Regional Exam Centre dates and locations

Find out the peak periods, examination and closing dates for our London, Southampton and UK Regional Centres.

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UK Examinations documents

Here you can find various documents for both Theatre and Dancesport related examinations.

Theatre documents     Dancesport documents


Qualification Fee documents

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Fees and cancellation

All examination sessions are booked and paid for via QUEST. Fees may be paid by card through QUEST or by bank transfer. 

Members can login to access fee sheets, professional forms and cancellation forms via the member's area of this site. 

Cancellation Policy

If you feel you need to cancel your exam session please contact the UK examinations team at HQ before requesting a cancellation, as there may be ways in which an exam session can be rescheduled or reshaped.

If you wish to go ahead with your cancellation, please allow a minimum of six weeks' notice before the exam date. A fee of £100 per day is payable if you do not give the required notice.

Peak period dates

Peak periods are the busiest times in the year, so if you can organise exams outside of these dates there will be more availability.


Autumn Peak Period 12 November – 22 December 2022


Spring Peak Period 3 March – 7 April 2023
Summer Peak Period 5 June – 23 July 2023


These FAQs have been developed to help you to apply and run dance examinations as efficiently as possible in the UK

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