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UK Examinations

Sequence Medallist Competition 2012 - photo © RJ Whetton.co.uk


The ISTD runs the largest number of exams of any dance examination board in the UK*.
We recommend that you read through our FAQs here before you fill out any application forms or timesheets.  

All the key documents for applying for private UK exams, including setting up candidate PINs and timetables can be found by clicking on the first link below. For information on UK Regional Exam Centres go to the second link:

UK Examination Documents

UK Regional Exam Centres 

UK Examination Fees

All about Unique Learner Numbers

Peak Period Dates
Peak periods are the busiest times in the year, so if you can organise exams outside of these dates there will be more availability: 

Spring Term 2016: 5th – 24th March

Summer Term 2016: 4th June – 24th July

Autumn Term 2016: 19th November – 21st December

Spring Term 2017: 19th March – 16th April 2017

Examinations Cancellation Policy
Please note that all exam days that are cancelled without the required six weeks notice will be liable for a £100 cancellation fee and teachers will be invoiced accordingly. You can download the Exams Cancellation Form here from the UK Examination Documents section.


* Source: Ofqual Vocational and Other Qualifications Quarterly