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What are report sheets?

Report sheets are a one-page document sent out with the certificates which shows the breakdown of examination marks.  

What are the changes being proposed?

It is proposed to move to online report sheets, in time potentially replacing paper report sheets that are issued to each learner along with the certificate via the ISTD dance teacher. 

Why are we proposing the changes?

As an organisation, we aim to improve our technology and processes to meet the needs of our current member and future generations. Our aim is for digital report sheets to be:  

  • easily accessible for teachers and learners 
  • shared quickly after the exam, rather than receiving them six – eight weeks after the exam 
  • kinder to the environment. 

When will changes come into effect?

Printed report sheets continue to be sent out.  

We want to understand the impact the proposed change on teachers, students and their parents/guardians, so over the course of the summer we will be reviewing the feedback from all parties and will feedback to members in the autumn term.  

We recognise that there is a need for transition periods and adaptability in the approach. As young children still may prefer a printed report sheet, while older student may appreciate a digital record of their learning.  

How can I access digital report sheets?

Teachers can download and email a PDF copy of the report form to the student or parent/guardian or print the report sheet for the student.

This enables teachers to store reports sheets electronically for their school records, and to share the report sheets with their students immediately after results have been released.

Find out more about the functionality on Quest here.

How long does it take to download a report sheet?

We estimate 2 to 4 minutes to download reports for an average session.  Teachers can choose to download the entire cohort or select those they wish to process.  There is no need to have the paid version of Acrobat software, but you will need to have Acrobat Reader which is usually free. For detailed information visit our full Quest Manual here.

Are digital report sheets secure?

Concerns have been raised, about if it’s possible to change the marks before printing them off. Changing the marks is illegal. So, the integrity of our members means that this would not be something that would happen. If it did, we would be required to pursue this type of fraudulent activity to the full extent of the law. Naturally we are confident that this is not something that our members would entertain.

How do I print the report sheets as international paper sizes do not match those in the UK?

The standard paper size in the UK is A4, and this is default paper size for the report sheets produced by Quest. However, teachers may scale down a PDF document in the Print settings before printing to meet international paper sizes.

How can I provide feedback on my experience of report sheets?

Please complete the following survey to provide your feedback on report sheets:

How can I provide feedback on my students’ experience of report sheets?

Please share this link(link in full) with your students and parents to ascertain their views:

You can send the link with the following text:

The ISTD would like to know more about how students and their parents/guardians interact with our examination materials from report sheets to awards and medals. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey with your child / children. We are keen to review our offering to make sure that we are providing sustainable and value for money products.