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  1. Dance UK conference this April

    Dance UK conference this April

    26 Mar
    The Future: New Ideas, New Inspirations. Dance UK's Industry-Wide Conference from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 April in London.
  2. Library News

    Library News

    24 Mar
    New Acquisitions Sarah Jardine-Willoughby introduces some newcomers to the shelves
  3. Advanced Tap

    Advanced Tap

    23 Mar
    A clarification in response to queries received

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Industry News

  1. Claire Cunningham

    Claire Cunningham

    26 Mar
    The acclaimed disabled dancer and choreographer offers up a starkly honest and intriguing challenge
  2. Twitter, the Basics

    Twitter, the Basics

    23 Mar
    Jane Cuppage breaks down the social medium and gives some useful tips for tweeters

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