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Film produced by Deborah Foote and Sue Passmore


  1. Stop-Time


    13 Apr
    Heather Rees looks at this musical accompaniment pattern
  2. Isabel Haxell Cup 2014

    Isabel Haxell Cup 2014

    13 Apr
    The Cup is awarded to a teacher who, in the opinion of the Committee, has given long and loyal service to the National Dance Faculty
  3. Miss Nancy Swanton (Mrs Dawson)

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Industry News

  1. Claire Cunningham

    Claire Cunningham

    26 Mar
    The acclaimed disabled dancer and choreographer offers up a starkly honest and intriguing challenge
  2. Twitter, the Basics

    Twitter, the Basics

    23 Mar
    Jane Cuppage breaks down the social medium and gives some useful tips for tweeters

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